AM Affiliate: Affiliate Marketing Awards Open Up for Nominations + More

– Have you gotten your nominations in for the Affiliate Marketing Awards? [] – Being turned down by Groupon has led Google to start up Google Offers. [Mashable] – YouTube’s revenues doubled in the last year. [AllThingsD] – Steve Jobs‘ advice to everyone in everything: “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.” [AllThingsD]

AM Affiliate: On Being An Affiliate Marketer, Improving Your Facebook Campaigns, + More

– “I chose to do this as a career because I knew I had to be an entrepreneur anyway because I lacked any qualifications from school and wasn’t prepared to be paid $5 a hour to work for someone else.” – Michael Dunlop on why and how he landed in

AM Affiliate: Apple’s False Advertising Backfires, Women Addicted to Facebook?, & More

– Well this could be embarrassing for Apple’s marketing department. A user has pointed out how the company doctors a screenshot from the Star Trek movie to show off what the iPad can’t do. [Digg] – Why a dip in invalid traffic rates doesn’t necessarily portend a decline in click-fraud.

AM Affiliate: YouTube Loves Vuvuzelas, Man Mugged Waiting For iPhone 4, & More

– Not content to let Twitter have all the fun with mainstreaming the World Cup, YouTube has embedded a vuvuzela button to all videos. [Mashable] – One of the keys to attracting top brands to performance marketing? Modernization. [Adotas] – The importance of making impressions–whether you’re Coke Zero or Facebook.

AM Affiliate: Twitter Angry With World Cup’s Worst Ref Ever, Prepping for AffCon2010, & More

So today’s AM Affiliate..coming at you with a time delay because the rest of the world was away watching USA and Slovenia’s World Cup face off. – “Worst Ref Ever” is trending on Twitter as USA is denied the winning World Cup goal in today’s match against Slovenia. [Twitter] –

AM Affiliate: TV Is Dead, Smart Drugs Are Alive, and Everyone’s Shopping Again

Welcome to your end-of-week AM Affiliate! Today, we try to step outside of the social media arena to bring updates on how advances in marketing and technology are spurring some pretty big lifestyle changes for people worldwide. [ buy cialis canada | cheap generic overnight viagra | cialis brand |

Why Pakistan Is Sparing Twitter In Its War On Social Media

There seems to be a curious lockdown on most social media brewing in Pakistan–and its one that casts Facebook in a positive light for a change. It’s curious because the Pakistani government isn’t shutting out all social media. While blocking Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, and Wikipedia, the nation is still allowing