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Free Download Offers Popularity


Free Download offers have become very popular in the online marketing arena. Many brands across different verticals have opted to include these free and fun online perks into their marketing strategy,  in order to successfully reach their target audience and increase brand ‘s popularity. At Blue Phoenix Media we work with many known brands helping […]

10 Tips For A Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign


Now days in a time of high-end technological exposure, any business must consider implementing social media networks, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn in their marketing efforts. Generating campaigns that highlight social media networks has been proven to be practical and cost effective in getting your brand noticed, simply because you have direct and dynamic […]

Google To Launch New Privacy Policies And More


Online privacy is now no longer a questionable topic to most people. Facebook was amongst the first major sites to be tested about their privacy policies, and now the United States is targeting the entire internet. Google has now gone ahead and got rid of their complex privacy policies, and compiled it into a more […]

10 Marketing Tools/Apps to use on your iPad in 2012


Technology and Social Media are both growing at an unprecedented rate. Now that technology and the iPad have surpassed the desktop, how will you set up your iPad to maximize the epic emergence of social media? Here are 10 of the tools/Apps that will help you get the most out of your iPad. [ viagra […]

AM Affiliate: Spotify Slammed With Lawsuit, Inside Content Unlocking, + More

» Err, looks like the honeymoon’s over! Spotify’s been slammed with a lawsuit by a tech start-up that formed during the dotcom boom. [TechDirt] » There’s a YouTube movie out today! That is, a movie inspired by YouTube, not one on the platform itself. [AdAge] » One exec provides five useful tips about successful campaign […]

19 Ways Rebecca Black Is An Incredible Businesswoman

Hey, everybody! What day is it? Right, this one. And while you love the day and hate the song, you have to hand it to Rebecca Black (or ARK Music–the low-rent Disney Channel-style music factory Black’s mom paid $2000 to have “Friday” exist) for becoming one of pop culture’s most enduring accidental success stories. But […]

3 Brands Botching Social Media Lately

Sure social media still remains a bawling toddler of an industry–no one’s quite masterminded the ROI aspect of it, but everyone’s tacitly agreed that there’s something very valuable in a medium that allows you to connect with consumers directly. Still, it remains curious–especially in the wake of Chrysler’s Twitter debacle–we’re never going to let you […]

AM Affiliate: Online Ad’s New Dirty Word, Affiliate Marketers Are Collateral Damage in Ad Tax Battle, + More

– Is your business breeding bullies in the workplace? [Seth Godin] – Apple continues making the headlines–this time as two individuals file class action lawsuits against the company in the wake of last week’s news of iPhone and iPad devices tracking its users. [PC Mag] – Is “agency” now the interactive advertising’s new F-word? [AdAge] […]

AM Affiliate: Twitter’s Not Social, 1M People Dislike Justin Bieber’s “Baby” on YouTube, + More

– In case our best business blogging practices left you wanting more hints, here’s a handy how-to guide about how to beef up your blog in more areas than just content. [Outspoken Media] – Twitter is apparently not too social. [EConsultancy] – Mobile’s big boom continues. [MediaPost] – Well it’s a dark day for music […]

The SEO Rapper Riffs on Rapping About Internet Marketing

In the age of Google, it was only a matter of time before someone like The SEO Rapper made his debut. The SEO Rapper, or Chuck Lewis as he’s known to his friends, started rapping about search engine optimization as a way to stand out at industry events. But little did he know that his […]