Update: Hugo Chavez Twitter is Manned By 200 Ghost-Tweeters

Recently, Blue Phoenix Media’s own Jake Slattery wrote about the complications that could arise from Hugo Chavez having an established Twitter following. Although having such a faithful following is simplifying the Venezuelan despot’s desire to maintain a Twitter presence without actually contributing any more tweets. [ buying viagra with no

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This week, the TARGUSInfo Scoring Summit is going to take place in the historic Hotel Monteleone, located in New Orleans’ French Quarter, where speakers including Melissa Hilton, of Clearwire, and Ian Ayres, author of Supercrunchers, will talk about the importance of real-time customer scoring. Hilton says: At Clearwire, data is

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Hugo Chavez: Today, Twitter–Tomorrow, the World!

As you’ve probably heard, your favorite socialist dictator and mine—beloved Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez—has created a Twitter account. The whole thing is kind of fascinating and is sure to be featured on SNL this week (mark my words). His handle is ChavezCandanga which means “Chavez the Devil”. Although he probably