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Bonus Points: It’s Snowing On Halloween! Edition


Well, hey there! Welcome to the weekend. We’re glad you could join us. Did you know that if you live in the greater New York City area, you can expect the season’s first snow. That might put a damper on your Halloween plans unless your plans involve sitting at home and munching on candy corn […]

Affiliate Bites: Twitter and TV Buddy Up, Super Affiliates’ Super-Fine Tastes, + More

» Brian Stelter examines how old and new media technologies are embracing one another as Twitter and television get more cozy. [New York Times] » Are you a super affiliate with super-fine tastes? Pace Lattin has a few suggestions as to how you can indulge in your taste for the finer things in life while […]

Affiliate Bites: The Great Tech War of 2012, PayPal’s Affiliate Migraines, + More

» FastCompany weighs in on The Great Tech War of 2012. [FastCompany] » Last week, Paypal caused a lot of headaches to affiliate inboxes. [Performance Marketing Insider] » McDonald’s is launching their own network at restaurants worldwide–populated with reality show and BBC content. [AdAge] » Will the post-Jobs era open Apple devices up for Adobe […]

AM Affiliate: Facebook Losing Customers, Advertisers Love TV Again, + More

» Apple is currently worth more than HP, Dell, and Microsoft…combined. [TechCrunch] » On the importance of overinvesting than just skimming the surface when it comes to sales. [Seth Godin] » Facebook is losing customers. [BusinessInsider] » Advertisers are having a love affair with television again. [AdAge] » Someone is wondering, “Has text-messaging peaked?” [CNet] […]

Bonus Points: The Tech Giants Duel Edition

Hello again! It’s Saturday. And hopefully your Friday the 13th yesterday wasn’t too rough’n’tumble. We’ve got a dizzying pick of highlights from the past week, so sit back, sip your coffee, and exercise your clicking finger! » Breaking down the epic Facebook-Google rivalry that dominated headlines near the end of the week. » The tech […]

What Star Jones Taught Affiliate Marketers On ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Last Night

If you watched Celebrity Apprentice last night, you can recall one of the more ridiculous moments on television, ever: Star Jones trying to whisper into deaf actress Marlee Matlin‘s ear. And that bit of TV might actually just be the wake up call you need. Because Jones’ decision to whisper into Matlin’s ear last night […]

AM Affiliate: Goodwill Still Possible?, Online Video Saves TV, + Youngest Billionaires Ever

– This parable about assuming goodwill…might be a bit too idealistic in just about any avenue of internet marketing. [Seth Godin] – 3 ways Facebook’s new Pages changes can affect your branding strategy. [AdAge] – Online video is now television marketers’ newest best friend. [Adotas] – Facebook has created a half-dozen billionaires who are very […]

What Does YouTube’s Billion Subscriptions Mean For Advertisers and Consumers?

Two jewels in YouTube’s crown this week: The user-driven video site has now served over 1 billion subscribers…and has driven a billion views to Lady Gaga. The former is a number that has nowhere to go, but up. As we learned this morning, rifts like the one keeping Cablevision and FOX Networks from working together […]

AM Affiliate: ‘True Blood”s True Marketing Genius, Affiliate Managers Sound Off, & More

– As if you needed another reward to watch your most favorite primetime-soap, HBO, partnering with GetGlue, is now incentivizing True Blood for die-hard viewers who check in, by rewarding them with themed “stickers.” [Mashable] – So how exactly is social media changing our conception of the corporate world? [MediaPost] – For the uninitiated: How […]

AM Affiliate: TV Built Out of iPods, Google’s Secret to Keeping Employees Happy, & More

– Should you find yourself with several (dozen) spare iPod Touch or iPhones lying around now that you’ve upgraded to the iPhone 4G, make yourself an overpriced television set! [Gizmodo] – Free food: The recurring reason why people say they love working at Google. [Mashable] – The potential for high conversion rates make the web […]