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Social Media Standards and Tips to keep Your Audience

Social Media is one of the most popular phrases in this era. It is virtually impossible to browse the internet without coming across some sort of social media. Of course all business’ now know that this is an important role in the future, but most of them have no idea how to go about utilizing […]

Affiliate Bites: What’s the Future of Affiliate Marketing?, Cell Phone Service Hits NYC Subways, + More

» The PMA is asking all advertisers to get ready to immediately start up their previously-paused affiliate programs in California to take full advantage of the year-long stay on tax collection. [Performance Marketing Association] » It turns out that the U.S. and the E.U. have taken contrary stances on the issue of keyword trademark. [Performance […]

AM Affiliate: Generic Top-Level Domains Cause Controversy, Relive Bryan Eisenberg’s ASE Keynote, + More

» “The Wild West days are nearing an end for SMS marketers.” – Kevin Wallach [Performance Marketing Insider] » Which side of the generic top-level domain name issue are you on? [Adotas] » An unlikely segment whose patience with Tumblr is wearing thin? Fashionistas. Especially Ann Taylor. [Betabeat] » Take a look at Bryan Eisenberg‘s […]

Why It’s Up to Us to Diversify In Social Media

We’ve been a bit content-crazy lately, but with good reason. Content is king, after all. But more importantly? As Google becomes more discerning with their search algorithms and backlinks from high-authority websites become an increasingly valued currency, the premium on actually owning your content will grow. [ | | | | | | | | […]

AM Affiliate: Affiliate Marketing Awards Open Up for Nominations + More

– Have you gotten your nominations in for the Affiliate Marketing Awards? [] – Being turned down by Groupon has led Google to start up Google Offers. [Mashable] – YouTube’s revenues doubled in the last year. [AllThingsD] – Steve Jobs‘ advice to everyone in everything: “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.” [AllThingsD] – A handy guide to […]

5 Helpful, Free Online Tools for Affiliate Marketers

As we finally get into 2011, perhaps there’s now time like now for affiliate marketers to start leveraging some new technology beyond the usual social culprits. One of the largest barriers affiliate marketers deal with is a lot of tasks to do in relatively little time; campaigns go up and down everyday and this means […]

AM Affiliate: Facebook To Offer Stock in 2012, Your eBooks Are Useless, + More

– One of our New Year’s resolutions? To regularly update our Tumblr to liven up the affiliate world just a little bit more. [BPM Tumblr] – Facebook could be going public as soon as 2012. [WSJ] – …speaking of, is the company becoming even less friendly to affiliates? [StackThatMoney] – An affiliate marketer goes on […]

A Niche Market that Remains Elusive Even For Affiliates: Millennials

Yesterday, we highlighted how older Americans were proving to be an obvious niche market and how affiliate marketers hadn’t missed a beat in capitalizing off their otherwise unspent dollars, as traditional marketers had long ago given up on them to focus on the more competitive, yet lucrative 18-34 demo. But try as hard as they […]

AM Affiliate: Could You Get Sued For Hyperlinking? + More

– Maintaining your focus is critical when executing longer, in-depth projects. Also, without focusing, you probably won’t be able to accomplish affiliate tasks that require heavier lifting. [Super Affiliate Twins] – Have you opted in to Facebook’s newly-redesigned profiles? These are the changes you’ve accepted then. [InsideFacebook] – 5 ways in which email marketing will […]

What We Can Learn From the Great Tumblr Blackout of 2010

Most people who live and breathe on the internet are well aware that short-form blogging outpost Tumblr has now been down for over 24 hours. Those are a lot of spurned bloggers. Although the platform’s subscribers (which, as mentioned before, include us) are among the most loyal that any web brand could hope for. But […]