– Poor sales copy: An unintentionally easy exit for barely-interested customers that could otherwise become genuine sales leads. [Finch Sells] – More corporations would benefit from “organizing for joy.” [Seth Godin] – Potentially a boon for email marketers and a bane for consumers on the receiving end of email marketers’… Read more“”

While it may not add to the device’s already questionable functionality, a gold-and-diamond encrusted exterior certainly multiplies the value of the iPad by more than 200 times its asking price. Although at the end of the day, even a golden iPad won’t provide Flash support. Average Rating: 4.9 out of… Read more“”

Mashable’s Stan Schroeder reports on yet another instance of a next generation iPhone–the 4G–falling into the hands of a savvy blogger, based in Vietnam. However, this particular iPhone 4G prototype is said to have technology comparable to another Apple device: the iPad. Both devices have similar microprocessors. Below is a… Read more“”