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Apple’s New iPad

Apple unveiled the new generation of its popular iPad, featuring an improved processor, a record-setting display resolution, faster wireless connections and a five megapixel camera. This is the second major product launch since the iphone 4S hit the market last year. This revolutionary product will hit the stores March 16th at a starting cost of […]

Apple to Announce It’s ‘Advancement to Education’ on January 19th in NYC

Apple has an announcement on January 19th at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City at 10AM (Eastern). Many believe Apple may be unveiling their new “textbook initiative”. [ | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | […]

Walter Isaacson Remembers Steve Jobs at ad:tech Keynote

Isaacson offered one soundbite in particular that summed up what Jobs did so well that few if none before him had. “ “Nobody was better able to connect art and engineering than Steve Jobs.” – Walter Isaacson #adtech Brittany Hunley November 9, 2011 1:55:12 PM EST ReplyRetweet Much of his speech focused around what […]

Affiliate Bites: Where to Watch the ad:tech Livestream, Adobe Kills Flash, + More

» At around 12:45PM EST today, Steve Jobs biographer Walter Isaacson will take the stage as ad:tech’s star keynote. There is a livestream also available! [ad:tech livestream] » If a Slate writer cries, “Google+ is dead,” does that make it so? [Slate] » FCC and the cable companies are aiming to close the digital divide. […]

Affiliate Bites: Facebook Faces Euro Penalty, Gmail’s Massive Reinvention, + More

» Facebook could have to pay a €100K penality for holding onto data that its users have deleted. [The Guardian] » According to this accidentally-leaked video clip, a new Gmail is headed our way. [Mashable] » We’d be lying if we said we weren’t curious about reading this fancy new tell-all about the late great […]

Affiliate Bites: The Great Tech War of 2012, PayPal’s Affiliate Migraines, + More

» FastCompany weighs in on The Great Tech War of 2012. [FastCompany] » Last week, Paypal caused a lot of headaches to affiliate inboxes. [Performance Marketing Insider] » McDonald’s is launching their own network at restaurants worldwide–populated with reality show and BBC content. [AdAge] » Will the post-Jobs era open Apple devices up for Adobe […]

Affiliate Bites: Netflix Drops Qwikster Quickly, Bevo Media vs. Tracking202, + More

» Well, there goes that hare-brained idea to split Netflix into its namesake and an instantly-unpopular off-shoot called Qwikster. [Netflix] » Here’s another tribute to Steve Jobs, championing his ability to simultaneously be a digital maverick and a marketing traditionalist. [AdAge] » Pace Lattin has a sit-down with the CEOs of Bevo Media and Tracking202. […]

What Can We Learn From Steve Jobs?

Noted performance marketer Pace Lattin authored a fitting tribute to Apple’s Steve Jobs that we have reprinted below. Last night, like many of us, I learned of Steve Jobs’ death on a device that he helped invent. My IPAD 2, given to me by the kind folks at popped an alert saying that he […]

Affiliate Bites: Eric Schmidt’s Steve Jobs Tribute, Social Buzz Linked to TV Ratings, + More

» This is great for all the tech nerds out there: The New York Times crosswords honors Steve Jobs with a puzzle created by a Quora engineer. [AllThingsD] » Google’s Eric Schmidt pays Mr. Jobs a tribute, too. [BusinessWeek] » There is a 64GB iPhone in the works. [CNet] » Social media ROI? You decide! […]

Affiliate Bites: Remembering Steve Jobs, Twitter Opens Doors in NYC, + More

» You’ve heard it by now and whether you’re listening to your iPod or plugging away at your iPad or MacBook, you know that the world has lost a visionary. [TechCrunch] » Pace Lattin has penned a great post in remembrance of Steve Jobs. [Performance Marketing Insider] » For more perspectives on one of technology’s […]