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Affiliate Lunch: Networks vs. Agencies, Spotify Use Surges on Mobile, + More

» What separates networks from agencies? [Adotas] » Get into the spirit of giving leading up to ASE 2011 and you can score some great NY sports swag in the process. [Missy Ward] » Lots of people are using Spotify on their iPhones. [TechCrunch] » Speaking of mobile, quite a few of you used your […]

Bonus Points: PMA Steps Up Its Amazon Tax Fight in Illinois

Another week, another whirlwind of activity in affiliate marketing! Good news, though: New Yorkers can look forward to a weekend that’s not going to break the boiling point. Bad news: That’s because there are scattered t-storms all over the place. But what about the weather of the digital world? Well, it’s business as usual, really. […]

AM Affiliate: Spotify Slammed With Lawsuit, Inside Content Unlocking, + More

» Err, looks like the honeymoon’s over! Spotify’s been slammed with a lawsuit by a tech start-up that formed during the dotcom boom. [TechDirt] » There’s a YouTube movie out today! That is, a movie inspired by YouTube, not one on the platform itself. [AdAge] » One exec provides five useful tips about successful campaign […]