– Shoemoney has slapped together a slick-looking webisode about egos and why people looking to cash-in on the dotcom craze frequently tend to fail. It’s definitely worth a look. [Shoemoney] – Hey affiliates–worried that your Facebook outbursts might get you into hot water with AMs and networks? Apparently said outbursts… Read more“”

b- How substantial is your city’s Foursquare Fingerprint? Actually, what the heck is a “Foursquare Fingerprint”? Well, it’s basically a data map of the volume of check-ins registered on a given day. New York, it should surprise no one, has a pretty substantial Foursquare Fingerprint. [Gizmodo] “Thick skin, persistence and… Read more“”

– A godsend to those affiliate marketers who may not have the budget to bankroll expensive long-distance plans to communicate with overseas affiliates, Gmail’s new free calling feature is already looking like the sweeter alternative to Skype. [Lifehacker] – A heads-up to affiliate marketers looking to boost their friends counts… Read more“”