YouTube Is On the Move

Presumably fuelled at least partially by projections that desktops will be made obsolete by 2015 (due to cloud computing and the wide adoption of smartphones), YouTube is steeling itself to be a powerful force in the world of mobile advertising. They’re doing this by adding Banner Ads to YouTube Mobile.

Please Retweet!

“Hey, here’s an idea. Let’s create another social media network where people can voice what they just did. Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Tumblr, Foursquare – they’re just not doing it for me anymore.” The above thought probably came from the creators of Google Buzz, Google’s foray into the social media world.

2010: Everyone’s got an Opinion

2009 is over. Gone. Done. Kaput. Hello 2010 – dare I say, the year of affiliate marketing? It seems as though when January rolls around, everyone becomes a visionary, predicting their internet marketing trends for the upcoming year. Everyone’s got a list, and they’ll be the first to tell how