AM Affiliate: Ride Sleeping Giants, Become America’s Next Top Unsuccessful Affiliate, + More

– Kendall Allen explores the prospect of “churnalism” as a viable business model. And this is an important tack for affiliates: Many are quickly learning that quantity over quality also means a number of leads that diminishes over time. [MediaPost] – Be an outsider. Ride sleeping giants. And enjoy success

AM Affiliate: Measuring Unmeasurable Social Media, Affiliate Marketing Internships, + More

– “Small investments in unmeasurable media almost always fail. Go big or stay home.” – Seth Godin [Seth Godin] – Are you ready for ad:tech New York? [BPN] – Internships in affiliate marketing: It happens! [Ian Fernando] – Facebook has filed for a patent on “inferential ad targeting”–which allows the

AM Affiliate: The Ultimate Social Media Map, Allegedly Exclusive Affiliate Summit East Parties, & More

– Navigate the social media wilderness with this handy map. [Gizmodo] – July was a terrible month of web browser trendsetters: Firefox and Chrome lagged while Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari gained momentum. [DM Confidential] – An interesting counterpoint to this piece about expectations in Affiliate Managers. [PPV Playbook] –

AM Affiliate: Disney’s Risky Business, Affiliate Hyperactive Disorder, & More

– Hey affiliate marketers! Don’t be a vendor, be a true partner. [MediaPost] – Turn your defunct washing machine into a sharp-looking backyard fire pit. [Gizmodo] – Disney’s risky $800 million social media investment. [MediaWeek] – Do you suffer from Affiliate Hyperactive Disorder? [InsideAffiliate] – LinkedIn is now valued at

AM Affiliate: BP Photoshop Faux Pas, Facebook Loses Ground, & More

– BP has admitted to Photoshopping their images from the oil crisis. It’s how selective memory works! [Gizmodo] – Do you agree or disagree with this piece about how Google’s ever-growing influence as a search giant shouldn’t be subject to government review? [MediaPost] – Despite achieving predicted growth of a

Spotted: Newser Blames Men For Wall Of Fat Clogging London Sewers

Every now and then, we learn something unexpected about the human condition through social media. In this case, we need look no further than the current (although it could change at any moment) status of news aggregator Newser‘s User Grid to find that two stories positioned alongside each other couldn’t

AM Affiliate: Affiliate Marketing Isn’t Dead, Google’s Facebook Killer, & More

– In case you thought otherwise, affiliate marketing is not dead at all. [Inside Affiliate] – Lightning strikes the three tallest skyscrapers in Chicago simultaneously. Watch the video in slo-mo. [Gizmodo] – A trailer for that Facebook film has turned up. [Mashable] – And perhaps that’s a boon for the