Yesterday, we walked you through Google+. Today, we’ll offer a competing viewpoint that remains skeptical of Google+. How cute — TechCrunch and Mashable got sneak peeks at Google’s latest attempt at building a social network, something that has been rumored about for a year at least (remember Google Me?). I’ll Wave… Read more“”

– Good morning, New Yorkers! Planning on working from home? Well you shouldn’t, because while road conditions are hazardous, they’re nowhere near as bad as the hundred other winter storms we’ve had! [Gothamist] – Speaking of working from home, there’s a heated debate going down whether affiliate marketers prefer working… Read more“”

– A godsend to those affiliate marketers who may not have the budget to bankroll expensive long-distance plans to communicate with overseas affiliates, Gmail’s new free calling feature is already looking like the sweeter alternative to Skype. [Lifehacker] – A heads-up to affiliate marketers looking to boost their friends counts… Read more“”

As the commotion of Internet Week rolls on, the spectacle isn’t in seeing the shiny new objects being trotted out by overconfident developers, but rather, in seeing the chorus of second guesses from knowledgeable tech fans and bloggers who are never the easiest bunch to win over. – It seems… Read more“”

With so many exciting developments within and outside of the affiliate marketing world than we can feasibly blog about, here’s a round-up of some of the most exciting items circulating throughout the internet. – The “Kill Your Facebook Page” backlash gains some serious momentum after evidence was discovered of users… Read more“”

Not necessarily a bad thing: Skype’s plans to monetize its video chatting service through serving advertisements. While this move will inevitably provoke some backlash from Skype users–since they’ve enjoyed Skype’s free service with no advertising—it may revolutionize the way advertisers connect with customers. This shift will allow for banner ads… Read more“”