AM Affiliate: Where Have All the Tech Journos Gone?, LeadsCon vs. Apple’s Big iPad Announcement, + More

– The internet may be notorious for the dissemination of mass favors, but it’s also an encouraging ecosystem for mass gifts as well. [Seth Godin] – We linked to this look into SEO journalism yesterday for the blog post. We’re linking to it again today for the great comments bubbling

AM Affiliate: 26 Ways to Kill Comic Sans, Facebook Seeks to Trademark “Face”, + More

– 20 places where ideas come from. [Seth Godin] – Lisa Barone stops by Shoemoney‘s blog to tell you about five lessons affiliates can learn from SEO experts. [Shoemoney] – Three things to do before Thanksgiving. [GetAds] – The affiliate marketing world is known for its proclivity to party like

AM Affiliate: Don’t Ignore Mommybloggers, Unsavory Marketing Pitches, + More

– An incredibly useful guide on marketing to one of the most unexpected gold mines for affiliates: Moms and dads with blogs. [Jonathan Volk] – Five brilliant SEO strategies, exposed. [Affiliate Tip] – Marketing pitches: A craft of selling dissatisfaction. [Seth Godin] – Facebook finds itself embroiled in yet another

AM Affiliate: Almost Half of America’s Addicted to Facebook, iPhone 4G Honeymoon Over, & More

– Well wasn’t that hype short-lived! A class-action lawsuit’s been filed against Apple for the many flaws in the iPhone 4G. [HoustonPress] – …and here’s some of the paperwork for that lawsuit. [Gizmodo] – Turns out teens are now suffering from Facebook Fatigue. We’re not really surprised, are we? [Mashable]