Coming soon is Affiliate Summit West, January 8-10, 2012 at Caesars Palace Las Vegas. We all know there are so many things to do and events to attend, but how do we know where to find them and plan out our trip? We had trouble finding all the events in… Read more“”

» A federal solution is sought for the Affiliate Nexus Tax–and Amazon backs it. [Performance Marketing Association] » While “real name” policies on social platforms like Google+ and Facebook might be great for individuals who need the recognition to get work, many argue, it’s an abuse of power. [Danah Boyd]… Read more“”

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– In affiliate marketing, the truism that failure begets success is gospel–but what if part of that failure was the willingness to acknowledge faults in a group setting instead of attempting spin control? [Seth Godin] – Twitter is awash with super-smart robots. Are you following any of them? [The Atlantic]… Read more“”