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Affiliate Summit: Las Vegas – PARTY LIST

Coming soon is Affiliate Summit West, January 8-10, 2012 at Caesars Palace Las Vegas. We all know there are so many things to do and events to attend, but how do we know where to find them and plan out our trip? We had trouble finding all the events in the past and would not […]

Affiliate Bites: Groupon Goes Public, China Pioneers Future of Online Publishing, + More

» Much of the tech world is buzzing about Groupon’s big IPO today…and how had they filed it a year ago, it could’ve been even bigger. [ZDNet] » Floods in Thailand could put a cramp on cloud computing. [NYT] » The difference between how SEOs and PPC experts react to being dubbed an affiliate. [Adotas] […]

Affiliate Lunch: #NoAdTax Solution, Don’t Buy Facebook Fans, + More

» A federal solution is sought for the Affiliate Nexus Tax–and Amazon backs it. [Performance Marketing Association] » While “real name” policies on social platforms like Google+ and Facebook might be great for individuals who need the recognition to get work, many argue, it’s an abuse of power. [Danah Boyd] » One strategy for link-building […]

AM Affiliate: Online Video Ads to Protect Privacy, Bus Stops Offer USB Charges, + More

» Online video ads will now come with a special privacy icon intended to reassure users that their data is not being mined. [AdAge] » NOT JUST AN ANAGRAM! The way we live now: With bus stops offering USB-powered hook-ups for commuters looking to grab a quick iPod or iPhone charge on-the-go. [AdWeek] » Google’s […]

AM Affiliate: Top-Level Domains to Lead to ICANNarchy?, SEO Naysayers, + More

» The internet’s about to get a hell lot more complicated now that ICANN has approved top-level domains in what some are calling a dot-whatever initiative. But before you throw open your wallet and start clicking in pursuit of that coveted .affiliate domain, be aware of the costs: It costs $185,000 to apply and $25,000 […]

AM Affiliate: Work Hard Not Long, Opt-Out Text Messages Attract Lawsuits, + More

– An insightful proverb about hard work vs. long work. [Seth Godin] – We all know the importance of opt-ins and even double opt-ins, but Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace are fielding litigation stemming from allegedly unauthorized opt-out messages sent by the services. [MediaPost] – Are you so wrapped up in keyword optimization that you’re forgetting […]

AM Affiliate: Bots Rule Twitter, The Nuances of SEO, + More

– In affiliate marketing, the truism that failure begets success is gospel–but what if part of that failure was the willingness to acknowledge faults in a group setting instead of attempting spin control? [Seth Godin] – Twitter is awash with super-smart robots. Are you following any of them? [The Atlantic] – After her big ad:tech […]

The SEO Rapper Riffs on Rapping About Internet Marketing

In the age of Google, it was only a matter of time before someone like The SEO Rapper made his debut. The SEO Rapper, or Chuck Lewis as he’s known to his friends, started rapping about search engine optimization as a way to stand out at industry events. But little did he know that his […]

Spam Attack Targets Inexperienced SEOs

At Blue Phoenix Media, we get our fair share of bizarre phishing attempts–and if you deal extensively in email marketing, so do you!–but what’s peculiar about this wave is that it doesn’t go after casual internet users whose understanding of the internet starts and ends with Facebook. It goes after people who live and breathe […]

Bing Leverages Facebook Likes In Search Results

Cleverly sidestepping Google, Bing raises some eyebrows today by turning Facebook Likes into a measurable unit of endorsements for search results. Most problematically? This creates a dimension of SEO that is well outside the purview of any optimizer: Personal recommendation. [ h h order viagra | viagra money order | ladies viagra | viagra good […]