AM Affiliate: Opt-Out to Win Consumers’ Affections, Facebook’s Behavioral Fail, + More

– Giving consumers the right to opt-out of behavioral targeting and tracking will give digital ad networks an edge in the long run. [Adotas] – Facebook‘s omnipresence may be causing users to behave “inauthentically.” [Steve Cheney] – Scary times? The internet has three kings: Apple, Google, and Facebook. [AdAge] –

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– Good morning, New Yorkers! Planning on working from home? Well you shouldn’t, because while road conditions are hazardous, they’re nowhere near as bad as the hundred other winter storms we’ve had! [Gothamist] – Speaking of working from home, there’s a heated debate going down whether affiliate marketers prefer working

AM Affiliate: Spend $20,500 To Watch First-Run Movies, Facebook May Have Jumped the Shark, + More

– Is a Do-Not-Track list a very heavyhanded approach to a problem that needs a nuanced solution? [] – Is the future of affiliate marketing offline? [Affiliate Tip] – “Persistence, persistence and more persistence. If you are persistent and continue to try new things you will find success eventually it’s

AM Affiliate: New Twitter Knows You Too Well, Click Fraud’s New Heights, + More

– New Twitter‘s creepiest new feature: An algorithm that determines with other users are “Similar to You.” [WebInkNow] – Broken search = no sale. [Seth Godin] – Click fraud is beginning to reach new heights. [MediaPost] – 9 flubs that entrepreneurs frequently make include “chasing perfection” and relying on word-of-mouth

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– A very useful how-to for all of us: How to avoid being a disaster client. [Mashable] – Microsoft and the entire city of New York have tied the knot. [WSJ] – It’s never to late to get into affiliate marketing. Here’s how you–if you came across this blog on

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– “I chose to do this as a career because I knew I had to be an entrepreneur anyway because I lacked any qualifications from school and wasn’t prepared to be paid $5 a hour to work for someone else.” – Michael Dunlop on why and how he landed in