On the eve of the Royal Wedding, the entire world (according to Google, that includes places like the U.S., Canada, and even far-flung places like Singapore–in addition to the U.K. of course) waits with bated breath while Prince William and Kate Middleton get married. And in order to assure viewers… Read more“”

– Twitter may introduce branded pages for companies. [Mashable] – Google might be caught in the cross-hairs of a sharp FTC anti-trust probe. [Politico] – Here are some percentage-based figures confirming what affiliate marketers have suspected for a few years now: More marketers are moving ad dollars online. [MediaPost] –… Read more“”

– With the FTC ramping up efforts to protect consumer privacy, the latest target is cookie tracking. Does this mean that affiliate marketers and other segments reliant upon consumer data to target their campaigns are doomed? Not in the least. [HasOffers] – Affiliate marketers need never worry about accepting false… Read more“”