AM Affiliate: The Worth of a Facebook “Like”, How to Destroy Your Computer, + More

– What we can learn about the Facebook “Like” button and its influence on web traffic. [Mashable] – Dating, gaming, and health: The three golden eggs for every affiliate marketing newbie. [Justin Dupre] – Here are several ways you can successfully build your lists. [Zac Johnson] – 3 ways to

AM Affiliate: Greek Statues Were Tacky, An ASE Clipshow, & More

– E-mail marketers face a new challenge as more people start bargain-hunting on mobile devices. [MediaPost] – Ultraviolet light shined on ancient Greek statues reveals how tacky they used to look. [Gizmodo] – In case you missed it, Amy Sheridan suggested one way to stand tall against rogue marketers. [PMExpo]

AM Affiliate: iPhones Break 2 Years After Purchase, Google Helps You Catch Your Next Train, & Arrivederci AffCon 2010!

– 26% of all iPhones break within two years of purchase. Smartphones, indeed. [Computer World] – Here is something that directly contradicts the claim that the mobile ad space might potentially be a dud. [Adotas] – Everyone’s trickling out of Denver and saying farewell to AffCon 2010. [Twitter] – A

AM Affiliate: TV Is Dead, Smart Drugs Are Alive, and Everyone’s Shopping Again

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