A team from Cornell’s Creative Machines Lab engineered a chatbot to imitate the way humans talk…and then paired it with itself. The team may pick up $25, 000 if they can fool at least two humans into thinking they are chatting with other people, not robots, at an upcoming contest…. Read more“”

The Village Voice‘s Jen Doll (whose “Runnin’ Scared” posts we love reading on our lunch breaks) tweeted that New York City’s getting gusts of wind as high as 50 miles per hour. That’s a lot of wind. And with highs ranging from 70-80┬░F, that’s not entirely a bad thing! Anyway,… Read more“”

– Disembodied robot arms can now toy with sushi. [Gizmodo] – One writer tries to demystify the “best time to send” e-mail marketing enigma…and ends up just posing a whole new set of questions. [MediaPost] – Social media is one giant party… [Adotas] – …which begs the question: Are you… Read more“”

During every news cycle, too many great stories send ripples throughout the internet. This morning, we’re rounding up some of the finest, non-Facebook items . – Customers’ brand loyalty may have buoyed many flagging companies during the recession. [comScore] – Some rather mixed thoughts about the practice of scrubbing in… Read more“”

With so many exciting developments within and outside of the affiliate marketing world than we can feasibly blog about, here’s a round-up of some of the most exciting items circulating throughout the internet. – The “Kill Your Facebook Page” backlash gains some serious momentum after evidence was discovered of users… Read more“”