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AM Affiliate: Advertisements Prevail on iPad, Starbucks Supersizes, + More

– If you’re sharing your physical address and other critical contact information on your Facebook profile, the social networking giant quietly made that information available to its wide array of app-makers over the weekend. [The Guardian] – Turns out that many iPad users prefer in-content advertisements to ad-free paid subscriptions.

AM Affiliate: How to Network With Affiliates, The Season of Digital Excess, + More

– The trick of the affiliate trade? Know how to connect with people and more importantly, don’t engage in shop talk right away. [Shoemoney] – European regulators have opened an antitrust case against Google, alleging that the search engine giant uses its dominance to enforce illegal noncompete measures. [LA Times]

AM Affiliate: Measuring Unmeasurable Social Media, Affiliate Marketing Internships, + More

– “Small investments in unmeasurable media almost always fail. Go big or stay home.” – Seth Godin [Seth Godin] – Are you ready for ad:tech New York? [BPN] – Internships in affiliate marketing: It happens! [Ian Fernando] – Facebook has filed for a patent on “inferential ad targeting”–which allows the

“Simplistic” Privacy: Beware Facebook’s Airquotes

Perhaps it’s too little too late, but Wired‘s Ryan Singel writes about Facebook’s resolution to allow its users a wider variety of privacy options. He points to Facebook head of public policy Tim Sparapani’s latest interview about wanting to provide more “simplistic” privacy options for users. But it’s in those