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Affiliate Bites: Unlocked Apple Phones For Less Than $700, A CraigsList Power Hour, + More

» And it’s begun. Apple has begun selling unlocked, contract-free iPhones for $649 and up. [Engadget] » Facebook is nearing a settlement about how it misled users about their own data. [WSJ] » What does a Craigslist Power Hour–wherein a beloved real estate blog posts about the most offensive real estate listings from the website–result […]

Affiliate Bites: U.S. Gov’t Looks Into Google Ad Rates for Microsoft, Privacy Perceptions, + More

» PRICE CHECK! Turns out Google’s ad rate for Microsoft is under some serious U.S. governmental scrutiny. [Bloomberg BusinessWeek] » Another piece showing that perhaps privacy online is simply in the eye of the beholder…and that data is not really as invasive as we might make it out to be. [Adotas] » Angling to exhibit […]

Bonus Points: This Week, The Tech World Went Crazy


Shake-ups, break-ups, and…breakdancing? It’s all in your Bonus Points!

AM Affiliate: Google Employee #59 Speaks Out, Do-Not-Track Confusion Mounts, + More

» Here’s a brilliant interview with Google employee no. 59, who also has a book out. [WSJ] » One writer claims that billing is the plumbing of every industry and that of the online ad world’s been clogged up for a while now. [Mediapost] » Mark Zuckerberg has left Google+, citing privacy concerns. [The Inquirer] […]

AM Affiliate: What Is Google’s Social Circle All About Anyway?,’s Vitaly Borker Goes to Jail, + More

» A great lesson in brand exceptionalism: If you’re not striving towards humility, you might be doing it wrong. [Seth Godin] » We thoroughly deconstructed the media response to Facebook’s failed Google smear campaign. But TechCrunch dives even deeper. [TechCrunch] » But here’s a refreshing take on that matter: Even if Facebook’s method of informing […]

AM Affiliate: Cookies’ Crunch Time, Legally-Restricted Search, + More

– With the FTC ramping up efforts to protect consumer privacy, the latest target is cookie tracking. Does this mean that affiliate marketers and other segments reliant upon consumer data to target their campaigns are doomed? Not in the least. [HasOffers] – Affiliate marketers need never worry about accepting false limits. [Seth Godin] – Coming […]

AM Affiliate: What’s Missing From Your Marketing Mix?, Social Media As a Lead Gen Helper, + More

– Is your marketing mix missing that flourish; is that what’s keeping you from maxing out your commissions? [Seth Godin] – The privacy battle in D.C. continues brewing–here’s a closer look at the FTC’s role in that melee. [AdAge] – For uninitiated affiliate marketers, here’s a primer on how ODigger works. [Jonathan Volk] – How […]

PM Links: Are Some Content Farms Viable?, The Way You Think About Marketing Might Be Outmoded, + More

– In the wake of Google’s mass slash’n’burning of content farms, this is an eerily valid question to ponder: Is bad content simply in the eye of the beholder? [TechDirt] – Apparently the very idea of “campaigns” and “flight dates” is outmoded. This is news to much of the B2B world which still continues to […]

Lengthy Court Battle Begins Between Woman Fired For Facebook Comments

So a woman logs into her Facebook account one night, after work, through her personal computer and posts some vulgar words about her employer. Then she gets fired after her employer finds out. Today marks the beginning of what’s to be a very lengthy, drawn-out court battle that could set a major precedent for what […]

Facebook’s Mobile Move Could Cost You Your Identity

As many are already well aware, today, Facebook quietly rolled out a new feature which probes users for their physical home addresses and contact numbers. This marks the social networking giant’s next major step into mobile–but also a significant compromise for user privacy. At the comments section of Ars Technica, a couple commenters bring up […]