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When Do Publishers Have to Worry About Inappropriate Content?

A while ago, took a passage from ClickBooth’s affiliate marketing guide on compliance. Today, we look at something that’s not so clear-cut: Content concerns. In particular, let’s look at political blog Wonkette as a model. Yesterday, blogger Jack Steuf authored this post for the blog that took pot-shots at Sarah Palin‘s son Trig, who has […]

AM Affiliate: Tweets Triple, It’s Better To Be Interesting Not Perfect, + More

– The Twitterverse is more noisy now than it was a year ago: There are three times as many tweets these days. [ReadWriteWeb] – The detention of Chinese artist/activist Ai Weiwei has inspired users of Sina Weibo–China’s answer to Twitter as Twitter itself is blocked in the country–to work around censorship on the microblogging service. […]

Tweeting in Tunisia: Social Media’s Role In Another Political Phenomenon

A late-breaking news story comes today in the form of civil unrest in the country of Tunisia, where the potential leak of certain WikiLeaks cables exposing corruption has sparked something of a revolution. Under the hashtags #sidibouzid and #tunisia, many activists, journalists, and civilians are all tweeting their thoughts. However, this isn’t the first time […]

The Disconnect Between Education and Education Marketing, Part 2

In addition to hosting quality branded campaigns, Blue Phoenix Media also owns and operates The Academic Network, which presents students with alternative education solutions. Last week, we covered Mayor Bloomberg’s controversial decision to appoint Cathie Black as the new Chancellor of City Schools. But it seems like the hubbub around this decision–which very radically positions […]

Your Guide to Entire Countries Banning Social Media

Lately it seems like more and more national governments and giving a lot of power to once-benign social media tools like Foursquare and Google Buzz. Applications created to connect people who shared common interests or lived near one another are now becoming unlikely tools of political protests–and consequently, objects of civic nuisance. [ buy discount […]

Banned In China: The Best Publicity Foursquare Could Ask For

Not too long ago, we learned about Pakistan’s lockdown on social media outlets like Facebook and Flickr. And even after that country lightened up, we learned that social media isn’t impervious to sweeping government regulations. The latest victim of a national shut-out? Foursquare. [ indian cialis generic | generic money order viagra | purchase cialis […]

Why Pakistan Is Sparing Twitter In Its War On Social Media

There seems to be a curious lockdown on most social media brewing in Pakistan–and its one that casts Facebook in a positive light for a change. It’s curious because the Pakistani government isn’t shutting out all social media. While blocking Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, and Wikipedia, the nation is still allowing access to Twitter. [ generic […]

Update: Hugo Chavez Twitter is Manned By 200 Ghost-Tweeters

Recently, Blue Phoenix Media’s own Jake Slattery wrote about the complications that could arise from Hugo Chavez having an established Twitter following. Although having such a faithful following is simplifying the Venezuelan despot’s desire to maintain a Twitter presence without actually contributing any more tweets. [ female version viagra | viagra gel | real cialis […]

Hugo Chavez: Today, Twitter–Tomorrow, the World!

As you’ve probably heard, your favorite socialist dictator and mine—beloved Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez—has created a Twitter account. The whole thing is kind of fascinating and is sure to be featured on SNL this week (mark my words). His handle is ChavezCandanga which means “Chavez the Devil”. Although he probably means it to translate to […]