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Beware of Facebook Phishing Scam

While the old mandate of, “Don’t open attachments from senders you don’t recognize,” is common knowledge, what do you do if someone, appearing from Facebook (so much so that their email address seems to have originated from Facebook) send you password reset emails with an attachment? You still don’t open it. Especially because no representative […]

UPS Phishing Scam Now Targets Affiliate Marketers

We last reported on this phishing attack disguised as an iTunes gift card offer cropping up in affiliates’ inboxes. This new attack takes the form of UPS. Sometimes it merits repeating: Don’t open zip file attachments unless you requested them. Also, UPS carriers would never use the term “inexact” to describe vague delivery labels. Click […]

AM Affiliate: Industry Gossip For Every Internet Marketer

Everyday, there are more developments across internet marketing and, to a broader extent, technology, than we can cover. Here’s a round-up of stories that will be worth your perusal as your Monday rolls on. – This is what a new MacBook might look like. [Mashable] – Renew your domain names before an industry-wide price increase […]

Affiliate Marketers Now Targeted By Worst Cover Letter Ever Virus

If they’re not careful, affiliate marketers can fall prey to a number of terrible phishing hoaxes and virus attacks. Last week, we reported on an iTunes scam and this morning a new, completely unrelated one is making the rounds. This one banks on the fact that because your inbox is overstuffed with unopened e-mails, you’ll […]

iTunes Phishing Scam Targets Affiliate Marketers

Hey everybody. Be on the alert for this iTunes gift card phishing scam making the rounds this morning. We got a couple like them here but deleted them right away as: 1. Apple would never send you an e-mail with a zip file attachment. 2. Apple would never sign off on an e-mail with “iTunes […]