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Bonus Points: Pandora Ad Buys As Valuable As Radio Buys + More

Steve Jobs leaves, Hurricane Irene arrives, and everyone else goes home; it’s your latest Bonus Points!

AM Affiliate: App Developer Banks on Piracy + More

– If you’ve ever tried to create content based around keywords and search optimization, you’ve probably also hit writer’s block faster than anyone else who writes for a living. Luckily for you, here are some tips on how you can get around that. [Mashable] – For your perusal: 35 predictions of affiliate marketing in 2011. […]

AM Affiliate: The Facebook Perp Walk, Facebook and MySpace Get Hitched, + More

– A handy breakdown of mobile marketing innovations that are verging on widespread acceptance. [ClickBooth] – What does the new @facebook accounts/Project Titan mean for email marketers? [] – Law enforcement officials explore the benefits of the Facebook Perp Walk. [BuzzFeed] – Sometimes success is predicated entirely on your ability to learn and reinvent from […]