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‘New York Times’ Fires Entire Editorial Staff

Perhaps just another ripple in the post-Panda pool of media and tech companies looking to ratchet up content quality, The New York Times axed the entirety of’s editorial staff. [ no prescription viagra | viagra blog | low cost canadian viagra | buy cheap generic viagra | 5 mg original brand cialis | vgx-viagra […]

Bonus Points: Rapture Edition

It might be the end of the world today, but that’s no reason to stop working. However, the below break-down of some of this week’s most intriguing stories is a great reason to quit split-testing landing pages and, of course, exercise your clicking finger. This week, we traveled around the web and back! » Why […]

AM Affiliate: Is Your Receptionist Costing You Conversions?, Is Google Creating Black Hats, + More

– One thing that could be costing you a whole lot: A receptionist who turns off potential new customers by not being interested. [Seth Godin] – Google’s crusade against content farms claims an unlikely property: The New York Times-owned [SearchEngineLand] – With their aggressive slash-and-burn of content farms, is Google inadvertently creating a whole […]

AM Affiliate: Cookies’ Crunch Time, Legally-Restricted Search, + More

– With the FTC ramping up efforts to protect consumer privacy, the latest target is cookie tracking. Does this mean that affiliate marketers and other segments reliant upon consumer data to target their campaigns are doomed? Not in the least. [HasOffers] – Affiliate marketers need never worry about accepting false limits. [Seth Godin] – Coming […]

AM Affiliate: Fraudsters Are About, Why You Need an iPad, + More

– WARNING: Fraudsters are ramping up efforts to illegally procure accounts on affiliate networks in an attempt to commit credit card fraud. Mediatrust has the breakdown and it’s a must-read. We’ll have our own take later today. [Mediatrust] – Quite possibly one of the greatest arguments out there in favor of an iPad: Because we […]

AM Affiliate: NYT’s Paywall Might Kill Readership, Be A Team Player, + More

– So you know how yesterday it everyone was up-in-arms about the New York Times‘ new paywall? Today the CEO of the publication said she’s expecting some short-term traffic dips after the wall goes up in a few days. [AdAge] – Be a team player. Not a heckler. Put away your iPhone during your next […]

The New York Times Tries to Kill Off Blogging

Creating content, for many of us, is a labor of love–we go into penning posts about using new social media products, how to do well at tradeshows, and developments that could re-imagine the role of the internet–knowing full well the monetary return will never comparatively measure up. But we do it anyway. A couple weeks […]

AM Affiliate: Facebook Sells Your Info, Won’t Give You A Cut of the Revenue + More

– LeadsCon Las Vegas is rapidly approaching; are you all set? [Convert2Media] – A closer look at how Google plans to root through search result spam. [] – Facebook is now sourcing content from you in order to give big brands more inventive ways to advertise. Of course, you’re not getting a cut of any […]

Fear As a Search Marketing Tactic? Google Doesn’t Think So

Perhaps the type of behavior that’s vaulted Google ahead of second-placer Yahoo! over the years has been this ability to integrate human behavior into the artificial intelligence powering its search marketing beast. Let’s backtrack a little. Yesterday, Outspoken Media’s Lisa Barone reported about an entrepreneur who was abusing his client base in order to generate […]

Why Skype Adding Ads Could Be Revolutionary

Not necessarily a bad thing: Skype’s plans to monetize its video chatting service through serving advertisements. While this move will inevitably provoke some backlash from Skype users–since they’ve enjoyed Skype’s free service with no advertising—it may revolutionize the way advertisers connect with customers. This shift will allow for banner ads to reach consumers in a […]