– One thing that could be costing you a whole lot: A receptionist who turns off potential new customers by not being interested. [Seth Godin] – Google’s crusade against content farms claims an unlikely property: The New York Times-owned About.com [SearchEngineLand] – With their aggressive slash-and-burn of content farms, is… Read more“”

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Perhaps the type of behavior that’s vaulted Google ahead of second-placer Yahoo! over the years has been this ability to integrate human behavior into the artificial intelligence powering its search marketing beast. Let’s backtrack a little. Yesterday, Outspoken Media’s Lisa Barone reported about an entrepreneur who was abusing his client… Read more“”

Not necessarily a bad thing: Skype’s plans to monetize its video chatting service through serving advertisements. While this move will inevitably provoke some backlash from Skype users–since they’ve enjoyed Skype’s free service with no advertising—it may revolutionize the way advertisers connect with customers. This shift will allow for banner ads… Read more“”