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AM Affiliate: How to Make Small Talk, Charity As An Affiliate Marketer’s Newest Friend, & More

– Never underestimate the value of knowing how to have an effective conservation. [MediaPost] – Cause Marketing–that is marketing that aims to increase conversions by donating some portion of commissions to a charitable cause–is one of the newest trends to sweep performance marketing. [Jonathan Volk] – About 60 million Americans

AM Affiliate: The Ultimate Social Media Map, Allegedly Exclusive Affiliate Summit East Parties, & More

– Navigate the social media wilderness with this handy map. [Gizmodo] – July was a terrible month of web browser trendsetters: Firefox and Chrome lagged while Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari gained momentum. [DM Confidential] – An interesting counterpoint to this piece about expectations in Affiliate Managers. [PPV Playbook] –

Why Affiliate Marketers Have to Be Picky With Their Partners and Offers

Over at Adotas today, Trip Foster has written about how critical it’s become for players in performance marketing to be more discerning when not only choosing their business partners, but in picking the campaigns they want to run. And it seems kind of part and parcel to arguments about transparency

AM Affiliate: Infographic Breaks Down BP’s Long-Term Damage to Environment & More

– E-mail marketing as a more personal way of engaging with consumers where Facebook and Twitter may fail. [MediaPost] – Esquire takes us back to web 1.0 with 15 websites that were gone too soon. [Esquire] – Meet Wildfire: A Groupon-style app for brands on Facebook to present coupons to

AM Affiliate: Apple’s Censorship, Make Your Own Android App, & More

– With LeadsCon weeks away and Affiliate Summit East rapidly approaching, it’s time to upgrade your business cards–and here are 12 ways to get clever about that. [Mashable] – Apple is scrubbing out threads complaining about iPhone 4G woes on its website. [Gizmodo] – How digital marketing initiatives are still

AM Affiliate: The Death of the Business Card, FTC Cracks Down on Twitter Privacy, & More

– MacGyver your way to a quieter affiliate marketing work environment. [Super Affiliate Twins] – It’s finally happened. Nearly every post over at tech blog Gizmodo is about the brand new iPhone and how it doesn’t work and Apple’s snide technical support. [Gizmodo] – FTC cracks down on Twitter‘s lack

AffCon 2010 Party Digest

With countless exhibitors, getting to meet up with friends and colleagues can become an overwhelming task. But many affiliates are making the most out of their temporary Denver residency by hosting mixer after mixer. A run-down of some of the most promising after the break. [ how can i get

AffCon 2010 & Beyond: 7 Ways to Make the Most of a Trade Show

Most affiliates and individuals in the performance marketing industry spend their time at their desk, either on the phone or behind a computer screen. With AffCon 2010–and a myriad of trade shows–quickly approaching, this is the perfect chance to attach a face to the voice on the phone. Here’s a