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Bonus Points: It’s Snowing On Halloween! Edition


Well, hey there! Welcome to the weekend. We’re glad you could join us. Did you know that if you live in the greater New York City area, you can expect the season’s first snow. That might put a damper on your Halloween plans unless your plans involve sitting at home and munching on candy corn […]

Affiliate Bites: Users’ Klout Clout Plummet, Should Affiliates Attend ad:tech?, + More

» Many users are vexed this week that after the implementation of a brand new algorithm, their Klout scores have plummeted. [Betabeat] » Well hey there! Are you attending ad:tech New York in a couple weeks? If not, you should and Pace Lattin has a pretty solid case as to why you should. And if […]

Affiliate Bites: Netflix’s Value Sinks, iOS Impressions Rise, + More

» Netflix is having the worst day ever with its market value plummeting. [Reuters] » Outspoken Media’s Lisa Barone makes a keen observation about trending topics on Twitter beginning to look a lot like search strings. [@LisaBarone via Twitter] » With a growth of 456%, maybe it’s not a bad idea to optimize your ads […]

Affiliate Bites: Facebook Faces Euro Penalty, Gmail’s Massive Reinvention, + More

» Facebook could have to pay a €100K penality for holding onto data that its users have deleted. [The Guardian] » According to this accidentally-leaked video clip, a new Gmail is headed our way. [Mashable] » We’d be lying if we said we weren’t curious about reading this fancy new tell-all about the late great […]

Affiliate Bites: Netflix Drops Qwikster Quickly, Bevo Media vs. Tracking202, + More

» Well, there goes that hare-brained idea to split Netflix into its namesake and an instantly-unpopular off-shoot called Qwikster. [Netflix] » Here’s another tribute to Steve Jobs, championing his ability to simultaneously be a digital maverick and a marketing traditionalist. [AdAge] » Pace Lattin has a sit-down with the CEOs of Bevo Media and Tracking202. […]

Bonus Points: Welcome to Autumn Edition


It’s equinox madness! Facebook let’s you see who unfriended you; the RIAA lets you off the hook with a $10 slap on the wrist; and London petitions for the .london gTLD. In your Bonus Points!

Affiliate Bites: U.S. Gov’t Looks Into Google Ad Rates for Microsoft, Privacy Perceptions, + More

» PRICE CHECK! Turns out Google’s ad rate for Microsoft is under some serious U.S. governmental scrutiny. [Bloomberg BusinessWeek] » Another piece showing that perhaps privacy online is simply in the eye of the beholder…and that data is not really as invasive as we might make it out to be. [Adotas] » Angling to exhibit […]

Affiliate Bites: Will Qwister Slow Netflix Revenues Further?, Facebook-Assisted U.S. Jobs Boom, + More

Netflix splits into two, Google leapfrogs further into Daily Deals, and MailChimp gives affiliate marketers the stink-eye.

AM Affiliate: TechCrunch Dissolution Imminent?, Affiliate Marketing Shatters Glass Ceilings, + More

» Everyone (who works in a very small subset of Manhattan media) is closely following what may result in the dissolution of TechCrunch. [TechCrunch] » The future of interactive advertising: Moving beyond cynicism to collaborative? [Adotas] » Netflix loses a critical Starz contract, just as its new price hike settles in. [MediaPost

AM Affiliate: How Much is Facebook Fan Worth, When to Remove an Affiliate, + More

» We’re all a little flummoxed by the worth of a Facebook fan. But that’s okay, because their true worth is determined by how many friends they have. [AdAge] » Wal-mart launches its own answer to Netflix. [TechCrunch] » Which is bad news for the streaming content provider as Q3, price hike considered, is going […]