Google has just announced on its Google+ Project help section that all private profiles will be deleted come July 31. The only thing required for a public profile is name and gender — all other information can be managed or simply not entered. Average Rating: 5 out of 5 based on… Read more“”

Two big bits of news today: Bookseller Barnes & Noble will be handing over its affiliate marketing needs over to Linkshare and of the many buyers rumored to be acquiring MySpace, Specific Media has emerged as possible bidder. And while affiliate marketing is definitely growing, what do developments like this… Read more“”

– An insightful proverb about hard work vs. long work. [Seth Godin] – We all know the importance of opt-ins and even double opt-ins, but Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace are fielding litigation stemming from allegedly unauthorized opt-out messages sent by the services. [MediaPost] – Are you so wrapped up in… Read more“”

– A handy breakdown of mobile marketing innovations that are verging on widespread acceptance. [ClickBooth] – What does the new @facebook accounts/Project Titan mean for email marketers? [] – Law enforcement officials explore the benefits of the Facebook Perp Walk. [BuzzFeed] – Sometimes success is predicated entirely on your ability… Read more“”

– “I realized that the only way to become hugely successful is to create tools that perform the repetitive tasks. Once you have a good set of tools, write more tools that leverage your existing tools. If you’re not a programmer then find some existing tools that suit your needs,… Read more“”

– No affiliate marketer is ever too successful to heed this handy pie chart provided by Shawn Collins. The most alarming observations? That of the affiliates surveyed, the top two most important attributes in choosing which merchants to promote were payout and brand awareness. Least important attribute? The allowance of… Read more“”