AM Affiliate: The Facebook Perp Walk, Facebook and MySpace Get Hitched, + More

– A handy breakdown of mobile marketing innovations that are verging on widespread acceptance. [ClickBooth] – What does the new @facebook accounts/Project Titan mean for email marketers? [] – Law enforcement officials explore the benefits of the Facebook Perp Walk. [BuzzFeed] – Sometimes success is predicated entirely on your ability

AM Affiliates: Avoiding the Search Apocalypse, Eternal Happy Meals, + More

– Facebook makes a big deal about nothing at all really. [MediaPost] – A video art piece explores whether Happy Meals from McDonalds are eternal. [Gizmodo] – How to do email marketing…through mobile. [Adotas] – Test your landing pages…without testing them personally. [Mashable] [ buy cialis professional | viagra india

AM Affiliate: How to Tell White Lies Online, The Marketing Value of Gifts, + More

– How to be good at blogging about the affiliate marketing world. [ClickBooth] – Could mobile marketing’s true value be in customer retention–not customer acquisition? [MediaPost] – Telling white lies online can be difficult, now that social media has made fact-checkers out of everybody. So tell the truth isntead. [CNN]

AM Affiliate: Crowdsourcing Design, Social Media Doomsday, + More

– An affiliate marketing time-saver and cost-cutter: Crowdsourcing landing page creation. [MediaTrust] – The 5 critical Cs. [Rohail Rizvi] – Social media doomsday: Facebook and Foursquare are both down and in the case of the latter, yes, again. [Mashable/Mashable] – How to leverage said imperiled social media. [AffiliateTip] – A

AM Affiliate: The Perks of Niche Marketing, SF-Based ISP Offers Unlimited Bandwidth, & More

– With the CPA space getting more and more crowded each day, the success for new affiliate marketers lies in living on the fringes and banking on niche offers. [Finch Sells] – New market for affiliates promoting via mobile traffic? Research shows that 72% of all adults are text-messaging now.