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Adtech San Francisco 2012

April 2012 Adtech Images-209x137-01

Spring is right around he corner and so is  AdTech San Francisco! Adtech San Francisco is an annual interactive marketing conference and exhibition that delivers an informative look at the world of digital media and advertising. The San Francisco conference will take place this April 3-4 at the Moscone Center West. [ viagra price comparison […]

Google Glasses


Google is thinking out side of the box and by end of 2012 will launch Android based eyeglasses that will stream information to your eyes in real time, according to a new report in the New York Times. This high tech device will have the same Android software used in smartphones and will allow you […]



There are hundreds of trade shows across the globe. How do you know which ones best suit your niche? Here is a list of the top conferences for all of the social media  marketers in America. Good Luck and have a successful 2012. [ viagra high blood pressure | buy cialis canada | buying cialis […]

Affiliate Bites: $14M Click-Jacking Ring Busted, Has Google Made Affiliate Marketers Extinct?, + More

» The DoJ has uncovered a sophisticated Internet scam ring and accused seven individuals in a $14M click-jacking scam. [CNet] » One of the $2.1B pillars of the digital music industry? RINGTONES. We’re surprised too. [AllThingsD] » Apparently another Google update has killed affiliates and marketers alike. [Performance Marketing Insider] » So, what’s on tap […]

Affiliate Bites: Most Under-45s Have Smartphones, The Verge Emerges, + More

» The rah-rah-rah about Gmail’s new layout has turned into a more resounding wah-wah-wah. [Webmonkey] » A fix to your iPhone 4S’ iOS battery problem is coming soon..but before your battery runs out? [TechCrunch] » An important report says that most people under the age of 45 own a smartphone. [Technolog] » BOAT METAPHORS! Engadget […]

Affiliate Bites: What’s the Future of Affiliate Marketing?, Cell Phone Service Hits NYC Subways, + More

» The PMA is asking all advertisers to get ready to immediately start up their previously-paused affiliate programs in California to take full advantage of the year-long stay on tax collection. [Performance Marketing Association] » It turns out that the U.S. and the E.U. have taken contrary stances on the issue of keyword trademark. [Performance […]

AM Affiliate: Advertising Is Now Social, Aol + Yahoo to Merge?, + More

» “At BuzzFeed, we believe that things have fundamentally changed and advertising is now social.” – Andy Wiedlin, Chief Revenue Officer of BuzzFeed. [MarketWatch} » The tech bubble may not be popping, but it is deflating and losing its luster. [Adotas] » Aol + Yahoo = Major wins for both former web heavyweights? [Ars Technica] […]

AM Affiliate: Facebook Tries to Spotify, Most Entrepreneurs on LinkedIn Are 30ish, + More

» Facebook is chucking a music platform out into the world later this month. [Ars Technica} » Turns out thirtysomething Stanford grads from Cali might be the biggest segment of entrepreneurs on LinkedIn. [BetaBeat] » Is change afoot in the Daily Deals space? [Adotas] » Someone has filed a lawsuit against Microsoft saying that Windows […]

Affiliate Lunch: Build Lists Well, Smartphones Sell, + More

» Pace Lattin lets you in on the three highly effective habits of solid list-building. [Performance Marketing Insider] » Well if this won’t just get under Google’s (Chrome browser?) skin: Facebook has quietly rolled out a crazy LIKE button extension for the browser. [TechCrunch] » Smartphones make up 40% of the mobile market now. [RWW] […]

Affiliate Lunch: 8 Words to Delete From Email Marketing, TechCrunch Reunites Mom and Son, + More

» Think of lead generation as concierge: You need to treat your customers well if you want to keep them coming back for more. [Performance Marketing Insider] » Buzzwords to eliminate from your email marketing strategy include: Exciting, state-of-the-art, solution, partner, leading edge, passion, unique, and “one-stop shopping.” [Inc.] » How social media helped a […]