» PRICE CHECK! Turns out Google’s ad rate for Microsoft is under some serious U.S. governmental scrutiny. [Bloomberg BusinessWeek] » Another piece showing that perhaps privacy online is simply in the eye of the beholder…and that data is not really as invasive as we might make it out to be…. Read more“”

» Facebook is chucking a music platform out into the world later this month. [Ars Technica} » Turns out thirtysomething Stanford grads from Cali might be the biggest segment of entrepreneurs on LinkedIn. [BetaBeat] » Is change afoot in the Daily Deals space? [Adotas] » Someone has filed a lawsuit… Read more“”

The Village Voice‘s Jen Doll (whose “Runnin’ Scared” posts we love reading on our lunch breaks) tweeted that New York City’s getting gusts of wind as high as 50 miles per hour. That’s a lot of wind. And with highs ranging from 70-80┬░F, that’s not entirely a bad thing! Anyway,… Read more“”

» For content marketers looking for a new way to frame their work–consider forgoing immediate praise earned on social platforms for long-term praise generated through platforms like blogs or books. [Chris Brogan] » And then there were two: Google+ suddenly looks old now that Microsoft is mulling its own search-social… Read more“”

– In the wake of Google’s mass slash’n’burning of content farms, this is an eerily valid question to ponder: Is bad content simply in the eye of the beholder? [TechDirt] – Apparently the very idea of “campaigns” and “flight dates” is outmoded. This is news to much of the B2B… Read more“”

– Don’t try to build your brand by exclusively focusing on Google as a platform. [PPC Blog] – An affiliate marketing primer in the Huffington Post? Is this industry mainstreaming now? [Huffington Post] – 7 ways that you can kill your brand. [Outspoken Media] – Microsoft will be implementing tracking… Read more“”