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AM Affiliate: Twitter Nearing Extinction, Steve Jobs Loves Radiohead, & Affiliate Marketers Raise $70,000 to Fight Breast Cancer

Between Internet Week and Apple’s WWDC, internet marketers–and anyone else whose idea of a good time involves Facebook privacy debates, the outmoding of Twitter, and the utility of a new iPhone–are spoiled this week. Presenting your AM Affiliate! – Netflix will soon become available on the iPhone–just in time for

Apple vs. Adobe: There Are No Winners

Recently, Steve Jobs posted a lengthy explanation of why Apple’s mobile devices fail to support Adobe’s Flash technology. And then Adobe disputed Jobs’ claims. Meanwhile, as Mashable’s Christina Warren points out, this feud is kind of redundant as both developers are only open source when they want to be. Meanwhile,

AM Affiliate: Links From Around the Web

Periodically, we come across so many great late-breaking developments in the world of affiliate marketing and more broadly, technology, that we can’t cover everything. So a quick round-up: – Six handy steps to getting that big-shot to respond to your e-mail [Copyblogger] – An infographic about Facebook’s increasingly inscrutable, tangled