Affiliate Marketing of the Future

We all had an idea of what the “future” would be growing up.  Flying cars, big brother, and food in pill form were going to change the way we all lived.  At least, when I watched the Jetson’s growing up, this was the future I thought we would be living

2010: Everyone’s got an Opinion

2009 is over. Gone. Done. Kaput. Hello 2010 – dare I say, the year of affiliate marketing? It seems as though when January rolls around, everyone becomes a visionary, predicting their internet marketing trends for the upcoming year. Everyone’s got a list, and they’ll be the first to tell how

Judge, Google and Executioner

So it looks as as if Google is taking a stand against what it considers to be less than reputable advertisements. These include, but are not limited to continuity programs, get-rich-quick schemes and malware. Google has taken this stance before, but this time it’s different: they’re no longer targeting the