New Word For Your Marketing Lexicon: “Mocial”

Loren McDonald at MediaPost introduces us to a new word today: Mocial mocial: (mo-shel) adj. – The convergence of a mobile/social/geotargeted/email marketing campaign. There are nine roles in this approach: indentifier, transactional messages, complex/personalized offers, multichannel marketing, reach, increased conversion, increasing lifetime customer value, channel preferences, and combined effectiveness. [

AM Affiliate: The Facebook Perp Walk, Facebook and MySpace Get Hitched, + More

– A handy breakdown of mobile marketing innovations that are verging on widespread acceptance. [ClickBooth] – What does the new @facebook accounts/Project Titan mean for email marketers? [] – Law enforcement officials explore the benefits of the Facebook Perp Walk. [BuzzFeed] – Sometimes success is predicated entirely on your ability