» Netflix is having the worst day ever with its market value plummeting. [Reuters] » Outspoken Media’s Lisa Barone makes a keen observation about trending topics on Twitter beginning to look a lot like search strings. [@LisaBarone via Twitter] » With a growth of 456%, maybe it’s not a bad… Read more“”

We think Google+ is brilliant. Clean interface, easy segmentation, and seamless integration into other Google products. It’s a social network that even those of us who don’t like using social networks can use once in a while. Best of all, it provides that much-needed piece in the online reputation management… Read more“”

It’s hard to feel bad for either side–there’s no real David in the Goliath vs. Goliath feud between social giant Facebook and search giant Google. Perhaps Outspoken Media’s Lisa Barone tweeted it best: “Google cries Bing cheated, Facebook tries to get Google in trouble. OMG, will you companies GROW UP… Read more“”

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– An unlikely emerging territory for marketers everywhere? The Middle East. [AdAge] – One of the most exciting areas of advertising now has to do with one of the older technologies still kicking: Mobile. [Adotas] – One of the biggest earthquakes in recent memory has devastated Japan, killed hundreds, and… Read more“”

Perhaps the type of behavior that’s vaulted Google ahead of second-placer Yahoo! over the years has been this ability to integrate human behavior into the artificial intelligence powering its search marketing beast. Let’s backtrack a little. Yesterday, Outspoken Media’s Lisa Barone reported about an entrepreneur who was abusing his client… Read more“”

So we know that netizens have a dizzying list of things they can do for Memorial Day weekend, but let’s check in with some of our favorites to see what they’ve got planned. – Affiliate Summit and FeedFront co-founder Missy Ward is in pursuit of some sparkly new exercise equipment:… Read more“”