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SES New York 2012

SES New York is happening right now until this Friday March 23rd at The Hilton New York City hotel. SES is a global online marketing conference and expo series about search and social marketing. The conference focuses on tactics and best practices, marketing services and technology for webmasters, digital agencies, online marketers and corporate decision […]

10 Tips For A Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign

Now days in a time of high-end technological exposure, any business must consider implementing social media networks, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn in their marketing efforts. Generating campaigns that highlight social media networks has been proven to be practical and cost effective in getting your brand noticed, simply because you have direct and dynamic […]

5 LinkedIn Tips for Career Success

LinkedIn is a professional social network that has been increasing its popularity in the professional market with more than 100 million users worldwide. This network is a great tool for building professional relationships and finding business opportunities in a virtual environment, when you may not have the chance to do it in person. Whether you […]

Social Media Standards and Tips to keep Your Audience

Social Media is one of the most popular phrases in this era. It is virtually impossible to browse the internet without coming across some sort of social media. Of course all business’ now know that this is an important role in the future, but most of them have no idea how to go about utilizing […]

Affiliate Bites: Google’s Handy New My IP Feature, Twitter Fails in China, + More

» A handy way to find out your IP address? Look for “my ip” in Google’s search prompt. [Google System] » Facebook makes it so that a bunch of people in an overcrowded airport care about a missing cat. [BetaBeat] » The founder of Twitter concedes: The microblogging juggernaut just can’t compete in China. [WSJ] […]

Affiliate Bites: Remembering Steve Jobs, Twitter Opens Doors in NYC, + More

» You’ve heard it by now and whether you’re listening to your iPod or plugging away at your iPad or MacBook, you know that the world has lost a visionary. [TechCrunch] » Pace Lattin has penned a great post in remembrance of Steve Jobs. [Performance Marketing Insider] » For more perspectives on one of technology’s […]

AM Affiliate: Facebook Tries to Spotify, Most Entrepreneurs on LinkedIn Are 30ish, + More

» Facebook is chucking a music platform out into the world later this month. [Ars Technica} » Turns out thirtysomething Stanford grads from Cali might be the biggest segment of entrepreneurs on LinkedIn. [BetaBeat] » Is change afoot in the Daily Deals space? [Adotas] » Someone has filed a lawsuit against Microsoft saying that Windows […]

AM Affiliate: LinkedIn’s Hype Dies, Social Web Beyond Facebook?, + More

» An eye-opening infographic about the effect of Facebook on relationships. [Mashable] » LinkedIn continues its stock market dip, opening at about $80 this morning and promptly dipping further. [NYSE:LNKD] » Many affiliate promote offers through review sites–which is why it’s definitely worth their while to read this story about how across industries, businesses are […]

AM Affiliate: Blog World NY Wraps Up, LinkedIn’s Stock Madness Slows Down, + More

» One of the most thorough round-ups of Blog World New York you will read. [SocialTimes] » It’s a lesson in segmentation: The Nook Color draws many female readers. [NYT] » You know who may not have such a happy holiday weekend? LinkedIn. Analysts predict that it’s all down-hill. In all fairness, it’s not like […]

Can You Afford to Quit Facebook?

Holiday weekends are a time for a lot of rest and relaxation. For many, it’s also a time to mull lifestyle changes. And for some, one major lifestyle change might be finding a way to disconnect from the internet and plug back into the real world–one social network at a time. To that end, did […]