» “We are very excited about the sustained growth during such a fragile economy – it’s a testament to the strength of the affiliate marketing space, even during a recession.” – Shawn Collins, on this year’s turn-out at Affiliate Summit East–which built on last year’s numbers. [Feedfront] » Facebook is… Read more“”

– Blogging, building e-commerce websites, or even starting a world-famous jazz band: It’s important for affiliate marketers to diversify and discover other revenue streams. [Jonathan Volk] – How not to design a landing page, especially if you’re trying to capitalize off a brand juggernaut like Wal-Mart. [NegBox] – In affiliate… Read more“”

In preparation of ad:tech New York, today’s link round-up is going to be supersized. – The case of Facebook vs. Max Bounty broken down. [PMA] – The joys of creating Fake 404 Landing Pages. [Finch Sells] – A pep talk on how not to be a lazy affiliate. [Justin Dupre]… Read more“”

– An affiliate marketing time-saver and cost-cutter: Crowdsourcing landing page creation. [MediaTrust] – The 5 critical Cs. [Rohail Rizvi] – Social media doomsday: Facebook and Foursquare are both down and in the case of the latter, yes, again. [Mashable/Mashable] – How to leverage said imperiled social media. [AffiliateTip] – A… Read more“”

– The secret to successful marketing across any medium? Unmarketing. That is, positioning yourself as an expert in a field so people come to recognize you as an expert in that field. [MediaTrust] – The key to the creative process lies in accelerating failure. [Adotas] – On exit links in… Read more“”

– A rather poetic, if slightly navel-gazing, look into the Google-Verizon attempt to upend net neutrality. [MediaPost] – And if you’re confused by what all the hubbub’s about, here’s a great summary of what we feared was going to happen last week and what looks set to happen in all… Read more“”

– With LeadsCon weeks away and Affiliate Summit East rapidly approaching, it’s time to upgrade your business cards–and here are 12 ways to get clever about that. [Mashable] – Apple is scrubbing out threads complaining about iPhone 4G woes on its website. [Gizmodo] – How digital marketing initiatives are still… Read more“”

This morning on AM Affiliate, everyone seems to be picking fights with everyone else: Google vs. Microsoft! Panasonic vs. Affiliates! The internet vs. British Petroleum! Read on. – Yesterday, we learned about Google’s companywide Microsoft ban. Today, Google steps up their fight to overtake Microsoft by announcing a fall launch… Read more“”