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AM Affiliate: Twitter Angry With World Cup’s Worst Ref Ever, Prepping for AffCon2010, & More

So today’s AM Affiliate..coming at you with a time delay because the rest of the world was away watching USA and Slovenia’s World Cup face off. – “Worst Ref Ever” is trending on Twitter as USA is denied the winning World Cup goal in today’s match against Slovenia. [Twitter] –

AM Affiliate: Duck vs. BP, Farmville Invades 7-Eleven, & More Apple Security Woes

– As a generation of web junkies, our ability to retain information is rapidly diminishing. [TECHi] – But on the flip-side, Monday also saw the graduation of the first class of Microsoft High School. [FastCompany] – This is “Duck vs. BP”–a free appavailable for download from the iTunes store. The

AM Affiliate: Microsoft’s Shiny New Kinect, Twitter’s Impending Doom, and Chocolate iPads

Presenting your Monday morning AM Affiliate with useful odds and ends like technology you can eat. – Sure in the early era of the Internet–Prodigy, anyone?–anonymity was an accepted fact of digital life. Now? Not so much. [Adotas] – Three myths about affiliate marketing broken down. [Lon’s Article Directory] –

AM Affiliate: iPhone 4G Offers Poor FaceTime, Mac Users Get Their Own Dating Site, & Google Gets a Jolt of Caffeine

As the commotion of Internet Week rolls on, the spectacle isn’t in seeing the shiny new objects being trotted out by overconfident developers, but rather, in seeing the chorus of second guesses from knowledgeable tech fans and bloggers who are never the easiest bunch to win over. – It seems

AM Affiliate: Android Compatible With iPhone, the Internet Might Be Making Us Stupid, and the Mysterious “J”

Welcome to your shiny, Monday morning edition of AM Affiliate! Today, we zero in on trends and developments that are attempting to make the internet much easier to wade through. – Three easy upgrades for late adopters. [New York Times] – The iPhone now supports Google’s Android 2.2 operating system.

iPhone Data Plans Exposed

From MacLife comes this (and other) infographic of what AT&T’s new data caps actually mean for iPhone users: [ buy cialis without prescription | when did viagra come out | real cialis | purchase cialis | levitra vs viagra | cialis pharmacy generic | mexico pharmacy cialis | discount phentermine

AM Affiliate: Free Wi-Fi in Times Square & How to Build Your Own Biz for $0

This morning, our mix is all about innovations and taking risks to reap long-term rewards, even if it means short-term losses. Presenting your AM Affiliate. – Congress has decided it’s time to rewrite the Communications Act as the has started making moves to regulate the broadband and wi-fi industries. [Ars

AM Affiliate: America Loves Internet Marketers & More

Everyday there’s too much marketing and tech news than we can ever hope to tackle. So here’s a highlight of some of the most buzz-worthy stories making the rounds this morning. – If you love Legos, iPads, and do-it-yourself projects, then build Lego-based iPad and iPhone stands. [Device Magazine] –

AM Affiliate: Links From Around the Web

Periodically, we come across so many great late-breaking developments in the world of affiliate marketing and more broadly, technology, that we can’t cover everything. So a quick round-up: – Six handy steps to getting that big-shot to respond to your e-mail [Copyblogger] – An infographic about Facebook’s increasingly inscrutable, tangled

Vietnamese Website Reveals How iPhone 4G is Like the iPad

Mashable’s Stan Schroeder reports on yet another instance of a next generation iPhone–the 4G–falling into the hands of a savvy blogger, based in Vietnam. However, this particular iPhone 4G prototype is said to have technology comparable to another Apple device: the iPad. Both devices have similar microprocessors. Below is a