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AM Affiliate: Coping with Campaign Stops, Brand Management, + More

– What to do when your hottest campaign is suddenly switched off. [Inside Affilaite] – How make the holidays especially profitable this year. [MediaPost] – The flood of information pouring through social media outlets are keeping companies busier than ever when it comes to managing their brands. Apparently nobody at

AM Affiliate: On Being An Affiliate Marketer, Improving Your Facebook Campaigns, + More

– “I chose to do this as a career because I knew I had to be an entrepreneur anyway because I lacked any qualifications from school and wasn’t prepared to be paid $5 a hour to work for someone else.” – Michael Dunlop on why and how he landed in

AM Affiliate: Quick Fixes & Conversions, iPhone Surveillance, & More

– Quick fix = quick conversion; agree or disagree? [Finch Sells] – The biggest challenge facing the Affiliate Marketing world currently? The struggle for longevity. [5 Star Affiliate] – While on vacation, a man received an alert on his iPhone that someone had set off the motion detectors in his

AM Affiliate: How to Make Small Talk, Charity As An Affiliate Marketer’s Newest Friend, & More

– Never underestimate the value of knowing how to have an effective conservation. [MediaPost] – Cause Marketing–that is marketing that aims to increase conversions by donating some portion of commissions to a charitable cause–is one of the newest trends to sweep performance marketing. [Jonathan Volk] – About 60 million Americans

AM Affiliate: New Tablet Costs $465 Cheaper Than iPad, Paint-Your-Own Google Androids, & More

– The cost of an iPad? At least $500. The cost of the world’s cheapest touch-screen tablet from India? $35. [Mashable] – The measure of a successful e-mail marketer’s worth isn’t necessarily the size of their list, but the size of how much their list is regularly growing. [MediaPost] –

AM Affiliate: iPhone Band-Aids Heal Antenna Woes, Facebook Hits Half-Billion Mark, & More

– iPhone band-aids. [Gizmodo] – Infographics: A viral marketer’s trump card. [MediaPost] – Is “creative optimization” an unnecessary buzzword for something we’re all trying to do anyway? [Adotas] – Turn playing hopscotch into a real life electronic performance art experience! [Gizmodo] – A resource for affiliates working in the pay-per-call

AM Affiliate: Linkbait, Warcraft, and Fiber-Optic High Heels

– A useful way to make a quick $50 if you have an iPhone 4G, frequently use its Skype competitor, and have a talent for taking advantage of people who like it when other people draw their faces. [Gizmodo] – Sometimes using a linkbait generator will give you a headline

AM Affiliate: TV Built Out of iPods, Google’s Secret to Keeping Employees Happy, & More

– Should you find yourself with several (dozen) spare iPod Touch or iPhones lying around now that you’ve upgraded to the iPhone 4G, make yourself an overpriced television set! [Gizmodo] – Free food: The recurring reason why people say they love working at Google. [Mashable] – The potential for high

AM Affiliate: The Death of the Business Card, FTC Cracks Down on Twitter Privacy, & More

– MacGyver your way to a quieter affiliate marketing work environment. [Super Affiliate Twins] – It’s finally happened. Nearly every post over at tech blog Gizmodo is about the brand new iPhone and how it doesn’t work and Apple’s snide technical support. [Gizmodo] – FTC cracks down on Twitter‘s lack

The Google-Apple War Over Mobile Ad Space: Ultimately Pointless?

At Adotas, Peter Koeppel writes on how the Apple-Google war over mobile advertising space could ultimately prove to be an exercise in futility as that particular advertising niche could very well amount to nothing more than a dud. [ viagra cheap canada | pfizer viagra canada | hydrochlorothiazide cialis |