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Apple’s New iPad


Apple unveiled the new generation of its popular iPad, featuring an improved processor, a record-setting display resolution, faster wireless connections and a five megapixel camera. This is the second major product launch since the iphone 4S hit the market last year. This revolutionary product will hit the stores March 16th at a starting cost of […]

Key Mobile Apps


As we approach LeadsCon Las Vegas this month, Blue Phoenix Media wants  to continue motivating your trade show spirit, assisting your productivity with useful tips and information that will make your experience at any Marketing Event successful and gratifying. The iPhone keeps growing in popularity, and so all the new applications that it offers, making […]

Affiliate Bites: Netflix’s Value Sinks, iOS Impressions Rise, + More

» Netflix is having the worst day ever with its market value plummeting. [Reuters] » Outspoken Media’s Lisa Barone makes a keen observation about trending topics on Twitter beginning to look a lot like search strings. [@LisaBarone via Twitter] » With a growth of 456%, maybe it’s not a bad idea to optimize your ads […]

AM Affiliate: NYC Gets Silicon Alley, Google and Apple Are Both Tracking You, + More

– As the tech boom from the West Coast spills over to New York City, the Flatiron and Chelsea neighborhoods are emerging to comprise “Silicon Alley,” an off-shoot of “Silicon Valley.” [New York Times] – If you’re an Android user who was smugly chiding your iPhone-using friends about Apple’s location-tracking antics, know that your smartphone’s […]

PM Links: Are Some Content Farms Viable?, The Way You Think About Marketing Might Be Outmoded, + More

– In the wake of Google’s mass slash’n’burning of content farms, this is an eerily valid question to ponder: Is bad content simply in the eye of the beholder? [TechDirt] – Apparently the very idea of “campaigns” and “flight dates” is outmoded. This is news to much of the B2B world which still continues to […]

AM Affiliate: NYC Goes Sky-High With IBM’s Help, Online Video Is Chic In 2011, + More

– New York City’s taking its servers to the cloud…courtesy of IBM. [Gothamist] – Sure texting while working is a way to attend to your personal life while on the clock…but it’s also a way to curb your productivity to zero and feel a bit awful because of that. [Seth Godin] – While 2010 broke […]

AM Affiliate: App Developer Banks on Piracy + More

– If you’ve ever tried to create content based around keywords and search optimization, you’ve probably also hit writer’s block faster than anyone else who writes for a living. Luckily for you, here are some tips on how you can get around that. [Mashable] – For your perusal: 35 predictions of affiliate marketing in 2011. […]

AM Affiliate: Mark Zuckerberg is More Charitable Than You, WikiLeaks War Escalates, + More

– Email is dead! No it isn’t! We (and you, too!) have heard it all. And as email marketing remains vigilant as ever, now’s a good time to brush up on how to start a successful email list from the ground-up. [] – Marketing is first, and foremost, everyone else’s perception of you. [Seth Godin] […]

AM Affiliate: The Facebook Perp Walk, Facebook and MySpace Get Hitched, + More

– A handy breakdown of mobile marketing innovations that are verging on widespread acceptance. [ClickBooth] – What does the new @facebook accounts/Project Titan mean for email marketers? [] – Law enforcement officials explore the benefits of the Facebook Perp Walk. [BuzzFeed] – Sometimes success is predicated entirely on your ability to learn and reinvent from […]

Could Geotargeted Fundraising Initiatives Save Underfunded Public Schools?

In addition to hosting quality branded campaigns, Blue Phoenix Media also owns and operates The Academic Network, which presents students with alternative education solutions. 2010 has been about the widespread success of geotargeted marketing intiatives. Foursquare celebrated some critical milestones while Twitter and Facebook implemented geotracking features into their Status Update features. And while the […]