» The internet’s about to get a hell lot more complicated now that ICANN has approved top-level domains in what some are calling a dot-whatever initiative. But before you throw open your wallet and start clicking in pursuit of that coveted .affiliate domain, be aware of the costs: It costs… Read more“”

– The nature of the internet has made procuring talent a much more competitive endeavor–especially when it comes to sourcing freelancers. [Seth Godin] – A simple rule about being a successful affiliate: “Promote good products, to people that want to buy.” – Cindy Battye [Jonathan Volk] – How can email… Read more“”

This morning on AM Affiliate, everyone seems to be picking fights with everyone else: Google vs. Microsoft! Panasonic vs. Affiliates! The internet vs. British Petroleum! Read on. – Yesterday, we learned about Google’s companywide Microsoft ban. Today, Google steps up their fight to overtake Microsoft by announcing a fall launch… Read more“”