AM Affiliate: An iPad Wedding, BP Gives Up on Containing Oil Spill and Contains Google Search Results Instead, & More

Welcome to your end-of-week AM Affiliate–today’s featured stories all underscore the expanding role technology seems to play in the well-being of people. – Not to be outdone by the Mac users-only dating website, a couple has had an “iPad wedding”–wherein vows were read from the iPad and then the groom

AM Affiliate: AT&T Accidentally Reveals Identities of 110,000+ iPad Owners & More

As we hit the stride of Internet Week, more fault lines in technology emerge, but more intriguing developments too! It’s all in your AM Affiliate. – The phrase “privacy concerns” finally find a new corporate entity–well two–to frustrate: AT&T and Apple. An AT&T security loophole exposes the e-mail addresses and

AM Affiliate: Adobe Gets Last Laugh Over Apple, Google Bans Windows

Welcome to the long haul of a work week shortened by Memorial Day! – BAD NEWS: If you are reading this blog on Internet Explorer 6, you’re likely seeing some warped design hiccups due to IE6’s inability to process the latest developments of HTML. GOOD NEWS: Internet Explorer 6 is

AM Affiliate: iPads and iPeds for Everyone, Underwater African Spam, & More

In anticipation of the long weekend and the fact that most netheads may have mentally checked out for the long weekend even before coming into work this morning, we’re featuring a round-up of some off the more offbeat developments in marketing and technology. – A 5,200 mile-long fiber optic cable

MeetUp202NYC #3: It’s All About Freebies

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AM Affiliate: America Loves Internet Marketers & More

Everyday there’s too much marketing and tech news than we can ever hope to tackle. So here’s a highlight of some of the most buzz-worthy stories making the rounds this morning. – If you love Legos, iPads, and do-it-yourself projects, then build Lego-based iPad and iPhone stands. [Device Magazine] –

The Cost of a Golden iPad: Almost $200,000

While it may not add to the device’s already questionable functionality, a gold-and-diamond encrusted exterior certainly multiplies the value of the iPad by more than 200 times its asking price. Although at the end of the day, even a golden iPad won’t provide Flash support. [ dirt cheap viagra |

Vietnamese Website Reveals How iPhone 4G is Like the iPad

Mashable’s Stan Schroeder reports on yet another instance of a next generation iPhone–the 4G–falling into the hands of a savvy blogger, based in Vietnam. However, this particular iPhone 4G prototype is said to have technology comparable to another Apple device: the iPad. Both devices have similar microprocessors. Below is a