As we hit the stride of Internet Week, more fault lines in technology emerge, but more intriguing developments too! It’s all in your AM Affiliate. – The phrase “privacy concerns” finally find a new corporate entity–well two–to frustrate: AT&T and Apple. An AT&T security loophole exposes the e-mail addresses and… Read more“”

Welcome to the long haul of a work week shortened by Memorial Day! – BAD NEWS: If you are reading this blog on Internet Explorer 6, you’re likely seeing some warped design hiccups due to IE6’s inability to process the latest developments of HTML. GOOD NEWS: Internet Explorer 6 is… Read more“”

Everyday there’s too much marketing and tech news than we can ever hope to tackle. So here’s a highlight of some of the most buzz-worthy stories making the rounds this morning. – If you love Legos, iPads, and do-it-yourself projects, then build Lego-based iPad and iPhone stands. [Device Magazine] –… Read more“”

While it may not add to the device’s already questionable functionality, a gold-and-diamond encrusted exterior certainly multiplies the value of the iPad by more than 200 times its asking price. Although at the end of the day, even a golden iPad won’t provide Flash support. Average Rating: 4.7 out of… Read more“”

Mashable’s Stan Schroeder reports on yet another instance of a next generation iPhone–the 4G–falling into the hands of a savvy blogger, based in Vietnam. However, this particular iPhone 4G prototype is said to have technology comparable to another Apple device: the iPad. Both devices have similar microprocessors. Below is a… Read more“”