AM Affiliate: Advertisements Prevail on iPad, Starbucks Supersizes, + More

– If you’re sharing your physical address and other critical contact information on your Facebook profile, the social networking giant quietly made that information available to its wide array of app-makers over the weekend. [The Guardian] – Turns out that many iPad users prefer in-content advertisements to ad-free paid subscriptions.

AM Affiliate: Ride Sleeping Giants, Become America’s Next Top Unsuccessful Affiliate, + More

– Kendall Allen explores the prospect of “churnalism” as a viable business model. And this is an important tack for affiliates: Many are quickly learning that quantity over quality also means a number of leads that diminishes over time. [MediaPost] – Be an outsider. Ride sleeping giants. And enjoy success

AM Affiliate: Twitter Goes Haywire, Facebooking Your Family, + More

– Twitter was the victim of your usual Tuesday morning javascript spam attack. [Gizmodo] – The iPad: Now and then. [] – What keeps the performance marketing world from spinning its wheels? Tension. [MediaPost] – Facebook as the big elephant in the room between parents and their kids. [Adotas] –

AM Affiliate: Apple’s False Advertising Backfires, Women Addicted to Facebook?, & More

– Well this could be embarrassing for Apple’s marketing department. A user has pointed out how the company doctors a screenshot from the Star Trek movie to show off what the iPad can’t do. [Digg] – Why a dip in invalid traffic rates doesn’t necessarily portend a decline in click-fraud.

AM Affiliate: Twitter Angry With World Cup’s Worst Ref Ever, Prepping for AffCon2010, & More

So today’s AM Affiliate..coming at you with a time delay because the rest of the world was away watching USA and Slovenia’s World Cup face off. – “Worst Ref Ever” is trending on Twitter as USA is denied the winning World Cup goal in today’s match against Slovenia. [Twitter] –

AM Affiliate: Duck vs. BP, Farmville Invades 7-Eleven, & More Apple Security Woes

– As a generation of web junkies, our ability to retain information is rapidly diminishing. [TECHi] – But on the flip-side, Monday also saw the graduation of the first class of Microsoft High School. [FastCompany] – This is “Duck vs. BP”–a free appavailable for download from the iTunes store. The

AM Affiliate: Twitter Goes to New Places, More iPad Security Holes, and How to Deal With Affiliate Marketing Failures

– One way to measure the most inventive companies in America: The number of approved U.S. patents in the past five years and divide it by the number of employees. [The Daily Beast] – Twitter finally launches its first concentrated geomarketing initiative with Twitter Places–which sees the microblogging service join

AM Affiliate: Microsoft’s Shiny New Kinect, Twitter’s Impending Doom, and Chocolate iPads

Presenting your Monday morning AM Affiliate with useful odds and ends like technology you can eat. – Sure in the early era of the Internet–Prodigy, anyone?–anonymity was an accepted fact of digital life. Now? Not so much. [Adotas] – Three myths about affiliate marketing broken down. [Lon’s Article Directory] –