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Apple’s New iPad


Apple unveiled the new generation of its popular iPad, featuring an improved processor, a record-setting display resolution, faster wireless connections and a five megapixel camera. This is the second major product launch since the iphone 4S hit the market last year. This revolutionary product will hit the stores March 16th at a starting cost of […]

Key Mobile Apps


As we approach LeadsCon Las Vegas this month, Blue Phoenix Media wants  to continue motivating your trade show spirit, assisting your productivity with useful tips and information that will make your experience at any Marketing Event successful and gratifying. The iPhone keeps growing in popularity, and so all the new applications that it offers, making […]

Apple to Announce It’s ‘Advancement to Education’ on January 19th in NYC

apple invite

Apple has an announcement on January 19th at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City at 10AM (Eastern). Many believe Apple may be unveiling their new “textbook initiative”. [ cialis women | buy viagra in canada | viagra tablet weight | generic viagra online | buy viagra online | indian cialis generic | buying viagra […]

10 Marketing Tools/Apps to use on your iPad in 2012


Technology and Social Media are both growing at an unprecedented rate. Now that technology and the iPad have surpassed the desktop, how will you set up your iPad to maximize the epic emergence of social media? Here are 10 of the tools/Apps that will help you get the most out of your iPad. [ cialis […]

Affiliate Bites: Netflix’s Value Sinks, iOS Impressions Rise, + More

» Netflix is having the worst day ever with its market value plummeting. [Reuters] » Outspoken Media’s Lisa Barone makes a keen observation about trending topics on Twitter beginning to look a lot like search strings. [@LisaBarone via Twitter] » With a growth of 456%, maybe it’s not a bad idea to optimize your ads […]

AM Affiliate: Generic Top-Level Domains Cause Controversy, Relive Bryan Eisenberg’s ASE Keynote, + More

» “The Wild West days are nearing an end for SMS marketers.” – Kevin Wallach [Performance Marketing Insider] » Which side of the generic top-level domain name issue are you on? [Adotas] » An unlikely segment whose patience with Tumblr is wearing thin? Fashionistas. Especially Ann Taylor. [Betabeat] » Take a look at Bryan Eisenberg‘s […]

AM Affiliate: Techies Have More Friends, Are You Encouraging Bad News?, + More

» Well done, nerds! Computer-savvy people have way more friends than computer-less ones. [Ars Technica] » Facebook’s prepping an iPad app. [USA Today] » Is your purchasing power influencing the propagation of “bad news”? [Seth Godin] » After posting losses, The Guardian is now embracing a “Digital First” strategy. [Mashable] » What marketers can learn […]

AM Affiliate: IE 9’s Big Break, Mark Glaser Leads Thoughtful Debate on Future of Content, + More

– Microsoft is bouncing back in a big way: Since its release, Internet Explorer 9 has been downloaded 2.3 million times. [MSNBC] – Fancy yourself a gadget scribe? Engadget’s hiring! No amateurs, though! [Engadget] – A great schedule (rather, Lisa Barone‘s schedule) of worthwhile panels to explore at SES next week. [Outspoken Media] – Apple’s […]

iPad 2 Sales Pitch is Selectively Forgetful

Just yesterday, the entire world was waiting with bated breath as Steve Jobs rolled out the successor to last year’s most successful tablet. While the presentation was not without its razzle-dazzle, the day-after dust-settling presents the shiny new toy in a more sobering light: As a trinket that features very few actual major upgrades. At […]

5 Unlikely Ways iPads Are Increasing Work Productivity

From Mashable comes a report of 5 different businesses that are using iPads to make their business models more dynamic and engaging. Among them are a gym for dogs and Indycar. [ buying viagra with no prescription | who sells generic viagra | how to make your own viagra | generic cialis canadian | viagra […]