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AM Affiliate: Goodwill Still Possible?, Online Video Saves TV, + Youngest Billionaires Ever

– This parable about assuming goodwill…might be a bit too idealistic in just about any avenue of internet marketing. [Seth Godin] – 3 ways Facebook’s new Pages changes can affect your branding strategy. [AdAge] – Online video is now television marketers’ newest best friend. [Adotas] – Facebook has created a

AM Affiliate: Crash-Landing Pages, Firefox Fights RockMelt, + More

– Blogging, building e-commerce websites, or even starting a world-famous jazz band: It’s important for affiliate marketers to diversify and discover other revenue streams. [Jonathan Volk] – How not to design a landing page, especially if you’re trying to capitalize off a brand juggernaut like Wal-Mart. [NegBox] – In affiliate

Education Marketers Shake Off Pre-ad:tech Jitters With Boot Camp

In addition to hosting quality branded campaigns, Blue Phoenix Media also owns and operates The Academic Network, which presents students with alternative education solutions. Grantham Education Corporation EVP Christine Shelly has been named as the speaker at a two-day “boot camp” conference in online education marketing being held today and

AM Affiliate: The New Media Currency, Facebook Bites Back At Affiliate Marketers, + More

– Media coverage’s new currency: Curiosity, not cash. [Seth Godin] – The flaw with FastCompany‘s “Clicks = Celebrity” methodology of determining who the most influential people on the internet are. [Adotas] – Stay current and your audience will reward you by engaging with you more. [Shoemoney] – Last week, Facebook

How Google Instant Search Changes the Rules for Internet Marketers

Recently, Google rolled out its new Instant Search feature, which updates search results in real-time–as the end-user is keying in and modifying his search string. Already experts are picking sides on whether Google Instant Search could alter the role for SEO, either by making it completely redundant or pushing it

AM Affiliate: What’s Your Foursquare Fingerprint, Spammers Make 57K Websites Weekly, & More

b- How substantial is your city’s Foursquare Fingerprint? Actually, what the heck is a “Foursquare Fingerprint”? Well, it’s basically a data map of the volume of check-ins registered on a given day. New York, it should surprise no one, has a pretty substantial Foursquare Fingerprint. [Gizmodo] “Thick skin, persistence and

AM Affiliate: How to Be More Efficient, 10 Marketers Who Transformed America, & More

– Retargeting done right. [Adotas] – How Google search cost an SEO-savvy entrepreneur $4 million. [] – How to be an army of one as an affiliate marketer. [] – Is the era of bite-sized information in the internet era making us stupider…or just smarter in a different way? [MediaPost]

AM Affiliate: The Benefits of Unmarketing, Failing As Business Strategy, & More

– The secret to successful marketing across any medium? Unmarketing. That is, positioning yourself as an expert in a field so people come to recognize you as an expert in that field. [MediaTrust] – The key to the creative process lies in accelerating failure. [Adotas] – On exit links in