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10 Social Media Tools You Should Be Using

Everybody is using social media networks these days and with the technological advances new social media tools keep popping up to match the new technology and help us better apply all the different social media services. To assist you in the search of the perfect social media tool for your professional or personal use, we […]

Key Mobile Apps

As we approach LeadsCon Las Vegas this month, Blue Phoenix Media wants  to continue motivating your trade show spirit, assisting your productivity with useful tips and information that will make your experience at any Marketing Event successful and gratifying. The iPhone keeps growing in popularity, and so all the new applications that it offers, making […]

Calender of Marketing Events 2012

DATE EVENT NAME LOCATION Feb 5-6 I Media Brand Summit Bonita Springs, FL Feb 6-8 Online Marketing Summit San Diego, CA Feb 6 The Ad Club Boston, MA Feb 13-15 PubCon Honolulu, HI Feb 13-16 Media Buying Academy Group Chicago, Il Feb 16 Digital Flash Social Media Week Event New York, NY Feb 23-24 Adtech […]

2012 Content Marketing Conferences

Content makes the internet exist. To be successful you must give valuable content to your target audience. Here is a list of Conferences in 2012 that focus on maximizing your content marketing efforts. [ cheap viagra | buy cialis viagra | cialis for sale | cialis and canada custom | viagra england | cialis diarrhea […]

5 Ways to Make the Most of #adtech New York 2011

Well it’s ad:tech New York’o’clock again. And while most people, from exhibitors to attendees to those people who always somehow sneak into the show without ever having a pass just to collect the free swag, have their own methods of making the most of ad:tech New York, we wanted to provide a last-minute how-to guide […]

AM Affiliate: Google Employee #59 Speaks Out, Do-Not-Track Confusion Mounts, + More

» Here’s a brilliant interview with Google employee no. 59, who also has a book out. [WSJ] » One writer claims that billing is the plumbing of every industry and that of the online ad world’s been clogged up for a while now. [Mediapost] » Mark Zuckerberg has left Google+, citing privacy concerns. [The Inquirer] […]

AM Affiliate: Marketers Should Learn Everything They Can, PROTECT IP Act Meets Resistance, + More

» A rule of thumb–and one worth repeating for marketers always bent on reinventing the wheel–if you’re thinking it, it’s been thought, so learn as much as you can instead. (Seth Godin) » Hey SMBs and big Bs: Don’t create that Google+ profile yet–unlike Facebook, Google is building out unique business solutions that are totally […]

AM Affiliate: Sales and Internet Marketing Need to Play Nice, Ranking Google+’s Few Users, + More

» It’s fairly simple to write off people who have success as token exceptions to the status quo…until you can figure out what all these exceptions have in common and figure out a way to adapt to it. (Seth Godin) » How to get sales and internet marketing to get along. (Outspoken Media) » Because […]

AM Affiliate: Digital Marketing Needs to Make Kings, Could You Get Taxed For Legal Music Downloads?, + More

» The digital world’s Achilles’ heel is this: Not finding which products it wants to make king, and instead opting for an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink approach. [Seth Godin] » 8 notable brands and how they rode Facebook to B2C success. [Mashable] » The affiliate tax is bigger than all of us–lawmakers are mulling new measures that would […]

AM Affiliate: Goodwill Still Possible?, Online Video Saves TV, + Youngest Billionaires Ever

– This parable about assuming goodwill…might be a bit too idealistic in just about any avenue of internet marketing. [Seth Godin] – 3 ways Facebook’s new Pages changes can affect your branding strategy. [AdAge] – Online video is now television marketers’ newest best friend. [Adotas] – Facebook has created a half-dozen billionaires who are very […]