While some of us may not admit it, part of the reason that we watch the Super Bowl more intently than we might other games is that the commercials are always better than that of any other game. Television advertising execs know that their advertisers have your undivided attention and… Read more“”

Max Ray Butler, a former security researcher, was just sentenced to 13 years in Federal prison for hacking into financial institutions under the alias “The Iceman”. He was found guilty of wire fraud and identity theft and will be made to pay 27.5 million dollars in restitution, in addition to… Read more“”

On Saturday January 30th A UN Committee met to discuss world-wide regulation of the internet in order to curb cyber-attacks on companies and countries alike. Some officials called for the equivalent of a peace treaty between countries which would ostensibly outline what is permissible, what is not and even to… Read more“”

By now, everyone has heard about the iPad. It was anticipated for months by fanboys and casual Apple-ficionados alike. It was shrouded in mystery, and even thought (by some) to grant supernatural powers to those lucky enough to wield it. On Wednesday, January 27th, Apple unleashed this beast upon the… Read more“”