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Amy Sheridan Invited To Speak At FTC Workshop

Amy Sheridan Speak at FTC worshop

Blue Phoenix Media CEO, Amy Sheridan, was invited to Washington, D.C. to speak at the Lead Generation in Education workshop, hosted by the Federal Trade Commission. The panel which included the Assistant Attorney General of the Iowa Department of Justice and Deputy Under Secretary of Education in the U.S. Department of Education was organized to […]

Adtech San Francisco 2012

April 2012 Adtech Images-209x137-01

Spring is right around he corner and so is  AdTech San Francisco! Adtech San Francisco is an annual interactive marketing conference and exhibition that delivers an informative look at the world of digital media and advertising. The San Francisco conference will take place this April 3-4 at the Moscone Center West. [ similar cialis | […]

Top 5 Most Charitable Givers


The quick and constant evolution in the field of technology makes it one of the most profitable playgrounds for the people with the right ideas and, while it’s a well known fact that the innovators in this field easily hit the top spots in Forbes richest people lists, not everybody knows that these people also […]

imLost: The case of the missing #iPhone 4.0

In case you haven’t heard, the next version of the iPhone escaped from captivity earlier in the week and was abandoned in a bar in Redwood City, CA. If you’re at all a fan of Apple, or maybe just curious about what the latest and greatest smart phone looks like you can learn all about […]

@Starbucks: OMG just drank a gazillion cups of #coffee jk lol

It was recently announced that Twitter, everyone’s favorite (theoretically) billion-dollar business, finally has an actual business model! Yesterday, they launched their advertising platform, known as “Promoted Tweets”. This platform allows for advertisers to enter the top of the twitter stream above all of the other tweets in a given stream. For the time-being, these paid […]

A Match Made in Web Heaven

Though Facebook and affiliate marketing haven’t been married long, they’ve definitely had their fair share of “speed bumps” since the inception of their relationship. Though, the term “marriage” may be a little bit of a stretch in describing them, let’s take a look at this “serious relationship” In speaking with numbers of affiliate marketers on […]

The Ipad, Affiliate Marketing, and You

Oh. My. Gosh. Not another blog about the iPad? Before I continue with this iPad/marketing related blog, I will issue a minor disclaimer. I totally understand that the coverage of this gadget is way overblown. And while I don’t want to throw some more gasoline on the fire (and continue to make Apple’s stock soar […]

March Madness: Superbowl of the Internet?

While some of us may not admit it, part of the reason that we watch the Super Bowl more intently than we might other games is that the commercials are always better than that of any other game. Television advertising execs know that their advertisers have your undivided attention and charge the advertisers accordingly. Earlier […]

The Iceman Goeth Away (For a Very Long Time)

Max Ray Butler, a former security researcher, was just sentenced to 13 years in Federal prison for hacking into financial institutions under the alias “The Iceman”. He was found guilty of wire fraud and identity theft and will be made to pay 27.5 million dollars in restitution, in addition to his 13 year sentence and […]

Licensed to Surf?

On Saturday January 30th A UN Committee met to discuss world-wide regulation of the internet in order to curb cyber-attacks on companies and countries alike. Some officials called for the equivalent of a peace treaty between countries which would ostensibly outline what is permissible, what is not and even to draw the line between what […]