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SES New York 2012


SES New York is happening right now until this Friday March 23rd at The Hilton New York City hotel. SES is a global online marketing conference and expo series about search and social marketing. The conference focuses on tactics and best practices, marketing services and technology for webmasters, digital agencies, online marketers and corporate decision […]

Best Google Search Tips


Google is a well known and highly used internet web search engine. It provides many features beyond  the word search capability including: synonyms, weather forecasts, time zones, stock quotes, maps, earthquake data, movie showtimes, airports, home listings, sports scores and many more. There are also special features for numbers, including ranges (40..43), prices, temperatures, money/unit […]

Google Glasses


Google is thinking out side of the box and by end of 2012 will launch Android based eyeglasses that will stream information to your eyes in real time, according to a new report in the New York Times. This high tech device will have the same Android software used in smartphones and will allow you […]

Google VS Amazon: Has Google Taken Over?

Google vs Amazon

Amazon and Google make millions of dollars a year and overall are worth billions. Both are the front runners to online sales and Ad revenue, and are now trying to expand on that. Whose efforts will have the most impact? It may sound like an irrelevant question because they sell totally different products. That was […]

10 Marketing Tools/Apps to use on your iPad in 2012


Technology and Social Media are both growing at an unprecedented rate. Now that technology and the iPad have surpassed the desktop, how will you set up your iPad to maximize the epic emergence of social media? Here are 10 of the tools/Apps that will help you get the most out of your iPad. [ 100mg […]

Affiliate Bites: $14M Click-Jacking Ring Busted, Has Google Made Affiliate Marketers Extinct?, + More

» The DoJ has uncovered a sophisticated Internet scam ring and accused seven individuals in a $14M click-jacking scam. [CNet] » One of the $2.1B pillars of the digital music industry? RINGTONES. We’re surprised too. [AllThingsD] » Apparently another Google update has killed affiliates and marketers alike. [Performance Marketing Insider] » So, what’s on tap […]

Affiliate Bites: Disney and YouTube Buddy Up, Google’s Blogger Suffers After Freshness Update, + More

» Disney and YouTube are partnering up in a deal that may make both media companies much bigger forces digitally. [NYT] » Putting the final touches on your ad:tech NYC schedule? Look at are listing of hot parties going on for the next few days. [BPN] » Google+ is starting to roll out Google+ Pages, […]

Affiliate Bites: Twitter and TV Buddy Up, Super Affiliates’ Super-Fine Tastes, + More

» Brian Stelter examines how old and new media technologies are embracing one another as Twitter and television get more cozy. [New York Times] » Are you a super affiliate with super-fine tastes? Pace Lattin has a few suggestions as to how you can indulge in your taste for the finer things in life while […]

Affiliate Bites: Facebook Faces Euro Penalty, Gmail’s Massive Reinvention, + More

» Facebook could have to pay a €100K penality for holding onto data that its users have deleted. [The Guardian] » According to this accidentally-leaked video clip, a new Gmail is headed our way. [Mashable] » We’d be lying if we said we weren’t curious about reading this fancy new tell-all about the late great […]

Affiliate Bites: Google’s Handy New My IP Feature, Twitter Fails in China, + More

» A handy way to find out your IP address? Look for “my ip” in Google’s search prompt. [Google System] » Facebook makes it so that a bunch of people in an overcrowded airport care about a missing cat. [BetaBeat] » The founder of Twitter concedes: The microblogging juggernaut just can’t compete in China. [WSJ] […]