– 7 non-affiliate marketing blogs you should read. [Affiliate.com] – In Q3 of this year, internet advertising and marketing revenue hit about $6.4 billion. [MediaTrust] – …which may explain why, despite the glacial pace of the economy’s recovery, email marketers are spitting out pitches at an all-time high. [Adotas] –… Read more“”

In addition to hosting quality branded campaigns, Blue Phoenix Media also owns and operates The Academic Network, which presents students with alternative education solutions. 2010 has been about the widespread success of geotargeted marketing intiatives. Foursquare celebrated some critical milestones while Twitter and Facebook implemented geotracking features into their Status… Read more“”

– Sometimes successful email marketing lies in maintaining manageable lists. [Jonathan Volk] – Related: How to be good at email. [MediaPost] – Meet Jiepang–China’s answer to Foursquare, since they are on less than favorable terms with the geotargeting app. [Edelman Digital] – Facebook Places finally enters the geotargeted marketing arena…. Read more“”

– It shouldn’t surprise anyone that a new customer base is emerging on a variety of mobile-based social networking platforms, perhaps adding gravity to Google and Apple’s mobile ad space war. [MediaPost] – Witness, in the era of the iPad: The sudden availability of $37 laptops. [Mashable] – How e-mail… Read more“”

– One way to measure the most inventive companies in America: The number of approved U.S. patents in the past five years and divide it by the number of employees. [The Daily Beast] – Twitter finally launches its first concentrated geomarketing initiative with Twitter Places–which sees the microblogging service join… Read more“”

As always, too many breaking news stories, too little time. So here’s a shuffle of what’s worth reading in this end-of-week installment of AM Affiliate. – It turns out that apart from Facebook, every social networking you use or have ever used is probably selling your personal information. [TNW] –… Read more“”