By Gavin Dunaway At its inaugural Conductor Collaboration Conference (C3) in New York City, SEO management software maker Conductor is introducing numerous upgrades to its Searchlight SEO platform, including the ability to measure the effects of digital assets like news, videos or shopping results on universal search results. Average Rating: 4.5… Read more“”

By Gavin Dunaway So there’s five of us gathered around a few tiny tables in a noisy and crowded cafe near the Adotas office in midtown Manhattan – three Limelight Networks execs, one PR rep and little old me — discussing the content delivery network’s latest technological feat, Limelight Accelerate. I’m… Read more“”

» For the last three days, the hustle and bustle around Booth #310 was pretty remarkable as this year’s Affiliate Summit East provided a great opportunity for us to meet with old friends and make new ones. Definitely go record your own experience at the official forum. [Affiliate Summit Forum]… Read more“”

Google has just announced on its Google+ Project help section that all private profiles will be deleted come July 31. The only thing required for a public profile is name and gender — all other information can be managed or simply not entered. Average Rating: 4.7 out of 5 based on… Read more“”